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Memorial e-Doctor

Live and video calls with our Specialist and English speaking doctors


How does our Memorial e-Doctor service work ?

Our online healthcare service connects you with one of our leading doctors through a video call.

During this call, our doctor will evaluate all your medical complaints and relevant medical reports beforehand. Subsequently, our doctor will share a detailed treatment plan to ensure your swift recovery.

The “e-Doctor” Service can be reached from anywhere via your smartphone. It offers services with over 50 doctors from 11 hospitals of Memorial Hospitals Network.

You can make an appointment for same day and anytime you prefer.

How can you get Memorial e-Doctor Service?

Simple and Easy Video Calling in 3 steps

1. How to Plan My Appointment ?

- Plan your appointment by completing the form above;

- A member of our international department will call you to confirm your appointment and phone number.

- To confirm your online appointment, you will pay starting from 55 USD via online 3D security

- Prior to the online appointment, you can share with us relevant medical files, which our doctor could review.

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2. During My Appointment

- At the planned time, our doctor will call you through Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger

- The online consultation will be recorded in our system as a medical record.

- Your consultation will last for 30 minutes.

- During the consultation, you will be able to share in detail your compliants and questions with our doctor.

- Our doctor will review them in combination with the relevant medical files, which you have provided before the appointment.

- At the end of the consultation, our doctor will share a preliminary treatment plan with you.

- If needed, medication will be recommended.

3.After My Appointment

- After your online consultation, within 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail from us with a brief summary of your consultation and your treatment plan.

- If your doctor deems it necessary, you will be invited for a physical examination in one of our hospitals in Turkey.

- If traveling to Turkey is not an option, we will refer you to a possible healthcare provider in your country.

- Within 10 days of your online consultation, we will plan a follow-up consultation with you.

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Our Doctors

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I had been suffering from severe back pain for two months when I decided to seek online consultation about my condition. Years ago my sister had been succesfully treated in Turkey so I knew I wanted to be evaluated by Turkish doctors as well.

After my research on the best hospitals in Turkey, I decided to get a consultation with Memorial Hospitals Group’s online consultation service. I went on their website, chose the suitable department and the doctor for my case. My appointment was set in just a few minutes. Later on I also receieved doctor’s cv via email.

During the appointment the doctor was very attentive and listened carefully to all my complaints. After the consultation, I received detailed treatment plan and medication prescription from Memorial team. A week later I feel myself better now because my back pain is much less, and I really consider flying to Turkey to undergo the surgical procedure, as my doctor suggested.

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A year ago I had a terrible car accident in my country. I was fortunate enough to survive after countless surgeries, although the accident left permanent damage to both my legs. After consulting many doctors here, I finally decided to continue my treatment abroad.

My doctor advised me to go to Turkey for further treatment. But I wanted to get a second medical opinion before I travel to another country. After a long research I chose Memorial Hospitals Group. I went to their website and took an online appointment very easily.

The doctor’s communication was very good during the examination and was very interested in my condition. After the examination, a detailed treatment plan was sent to me via Email and a free check-up appointment was set for 10 days later. I was quite surprised by the professional organization they provided me. Now I am totally convinced to be treated in Turkey and in Memorial. I want to thank Memorial team for this excellent service.


Important Information

Complaints related to emergencies that require medical intervention such as sudden illness, accident, injury, brain and spinal cord injuries, traumas, loss of consciousness, severe burns, chest pain, vomiting and similar situations do not include the scope of online doctor service. If you have similar complaints, you should immediately contact the relevant Emergency Health Care Units.

You can connect online via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with any smartphone with front camera with Android, IOS or Windows operating system.

The service fee paid for online doctor can be canceled without paying any penalty up to 2 hours before the appointment time given to you. For this, fill out the withdrawal form on the payment site and send to email address ([email protected]). However, after a 30% service fee is charged for services cancelled in less than 2 hours to the appointment time set for a video call, the remaining amount is refunded. A withdrawal form must be filled in for a refund request.