Cardiovascular Surgery

About the Department

The team of Memorial Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery, develops itself with continuous education, and follows the scientific and technological improvements and permanently provides quality services.

Memorial hospital cardiovascular surgery unit is fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, and all kinds of procedures could be performed in our center except for the heart transplant.

Our department works in cooperation with hospitals in Europe and in the USA; we achieved many firsts in Turkey and acted as a leader in implementing many new applications by bringing in every method that would be useful for our patients and viable for our country.

Our team is one of the first teams that performed Endo stent applications; besides this team was the first to perform radiofrequency ablation in arrhythmia surgery in Turkey. Radiofrequency ablation puts patients at ease by making the arrhythmias disappear.

Memorial is the first hospital in Turkey that brought in the AESOP robotic arm (a surgical robot) to be used in coronary bypass surgeries. Our Center uses a thermal camera in coronary by pass surgeries that only a few centers in the world have, also Memorial was the first hospital that used this system in Turkey.

At Memorial Hospital, we have a system that connects all patient monitors to each other with a network. Thanks to this technology, our physicians can keep track of patient information anytime, anywhere via a personal card installed in their cell phone.

Our department leads and encourages innovations in cardiovascular surgery. We are the first team who used arm vessel in by pass surgery and this method is now being commonly used thanks to our team.

Our team keeps up to date with all the innovations (national and international) of cardiovascular surgery and collaborates with experienced and competent physicians with mutual knowledge sharing. By organizing public meetings like health conferences and heart yoga we aim to inform cardiac patients and their families about heart health.

An important feature that distinguishes us from other hospitals is the use of complementary medical practices to support diagnosis and treatment. We used Feng- Shui principles to design our intensive care unit. We feature components like central system, light and sound; we have non stop music broadcast, and we have a camera & phone system to enable patient communication with their relatives.

Doctors of Department