Gastroenterology / Hepatology

About the Department

Our gastroenterology unit is fully equipped with modern devices of latest technology. In addition to our outpatient clinic services, we also perform all kinds of endoscopic gastroenterology procedures for diagnosis and treatment purposes.

Diagnostic Procedures Available In Our Clinic Are

Esophagoduodenoscopy, use for diagnosis of upper gastrointestinal diseaes; Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography for diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic diseases; colonoscopy/rectosigmoidoscopy for diagnosis of colon disorders. Liver needle biopsy is also available in our clinic.

There are various treatment procedures; endoscopy could be used to remove foreign bodies from esophagus, stomac or rectum. Narrowness of the esophagus due to various reasons, especially benign fibrotic narrownesses may be dilated by esophagoscopic bougies. Malign narrownesses of the esophagus may be palliated by stent applications. Sclerotherapy or band ligation are performed to treat bleeding varices that usually occur as a complicaiton of cirrhosis. If patients need enteral long-term nutrition, it is provided via percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy. Treatments are also available to stop bleeding of the bleeding focuses (due to various reasons) on the upper and lower gastrointestinal system. Polypectomy method is used to remove polyps from the colon. Stones in the biliary system and/or pancreas are easily removed by using balloon and basket technique following papillary sphincterctomy. In the obstructive biliary diseases, especially in those of malignant origin, we use stent application to reestablish adequate bile flow.

Doctors of Department