General Surgery

About the Department

Memorial Hospital acts as a pioneer by reorganizing its General Surgery Department. The basic philosophy beneath this reorganization, which we call "Subject Specific Surgery", is the enormously growing scientific knowledge in the field of medicine.

Memorial Hospital is the first private hospital in Turkey which is approved and licensed for organ (liver and kidney) transplantation and related laboratory services (immunogenetics – tissue matching, HLA tissue typing – and immunological studies) by the Ministry of Health. Memorial is also the first private hospital to perform a liver transplant.

Innovations of the last 20-30 years are the basic support of latest treatment methods and modern medical devices. In today's fast moving world almost 1/3 of the medical information become outdated within 5 years. On the other hand, general surgery is an important and extensive field of medicine. Because of the variety of diseases and treatment methods and fast developing technology, it is almost impossible for a surgeon to be expert on every subspecialty of general surgery; therefore, surgeons tend to specialize in one particular area of general surgery in today's medicine.

A general surgeon specializes in one particular area of general surgery and develops an expertise in that area, we call this "Subject Specific Surgery".

Even tough it is called ‘’General Surgery’’ and is not officially separated into groups; there is a dominant effort to constitute subspecialty units.

Thus, general surgeons may concentrate on a specific area; they follow the very latest improvements on this area and improve their ability. It is possible to provide better quality services with a few surgeons who are masters of a subspecialty area of general surgery, Instead of a few general surgeons who try to master all surgical branches.

Memorial Hospital’s General Surgery Department consists of professors who are experts in different areas. Every Professor is responsible of his/her expertise area. Consequently it is possible to provide efficient, adequate and quality healthcare services. More importantly every professor acts like a part of a harmonized machine, instead of acting like several independent machines. Surgical indications and implementations depend on the decision of a team not on individual opinions; which integrate a serious auto-control mechanism into the system.

What is the Concept of General Surgery?

General surgery encompasses several different areas such as thyroid surgery, breast surgery, esophagus, intestines, rectal diseases (ex: hemorrhoid), liver, pancreas, gall bladder, bile duct, and hernia surgery.

Even though the education of general surgery includes all these areas; surgeons tend to specialize in particular areas.

The subspecialties are:

Hepato-pancreato-biliary system or liver-pancreas-gall bladder and bile duct surgery; gastro-intestinal surgery (esophagus, stomach, intestines and rectal diseases); and thyroid (endocrine)-breast surgery.

"Our goal is to give the best service to our patients".

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