Headache Center

About the Department

In spite of many enthusing discoveries about headache during the last 15 years,  the acquired data and treatment approaches were not adequately put into clinical practice.  It is not always possible to achieve success when approaching headache as a simple “pain”. The Headache Center of the Memorial Hospital Atasehir offers an individual-specific treatment plan through a multidisciplinary approach based on the general medical customized state, work life and social life of the patient.

Headache can be considered as an alarm given by the body. Stopping this alarm may not signify that everything is back on the rails. While migraine and tension type headaches indicate the physical and psychological fatigue of the patient; newly appeared headaches may indicate that something is going wrong in the body. From a relatively benign diseases such as ophthalmic disorders dental caries, sinusitis and cervical disc hernias to severe medical conditions such as intracranial space occupying lesions may underlie these types of headache. Diseases interfering with blood oxygenation (such as certain lung and heart diseases, anemia, sleep apnea), blood sugar instability, thyroid gland dysfunctions may either directly cause headache or may have an impact on the frequency and intensity of the headache. Certain medications used for therapeutic purposes (e.g. hypertension, diabetes or birth control medications) may cause headache. One should keep in mind that alcohol and certain food may also trigger headache in susceptible individuals.

The headache center of the Memorial Hospital Atasehir and the experienced physicians team aim to offer a healthy and high quality life to its patients along with pain treatment.

Migraine is characterized by headache attacks. While the attacks may occur only 1 or 2 times a year in some patients; some patients experience headache attacks several times in a month. The pain is usually intensive. The medical condition may be associated with nausea and increased sensitivity to noise and light.

If  the headache is associated with nausea and the patient is sensitive to noise and light as well as the pain interferes with the routine daily works, one is more likely to have migraine. However, the diagnosis of migraine may require a long and complex process.

Migraine does not imply an intracranial abnormality. It may be genetically inherited from the senior members of the family.

The prevalence of migraine is 1 per 6 to 7 adults. Its prevalence in females is three-fold higher than in males. It usually appears in the childhood or puberty. It is not a rare or frightening disease.

The right medication taken at the right time may terminate the migraine attack. The addition of an antinausea drug may be beneficial in case of the presence of nausea. The prevention of nausea may provide a more effective absorption of the migraine medication taken.

A migraine medication that is beneficial in a patient may not be beneficial in another patient. A pharmacist or other migraine patients may recommend certain medications. If these medications are not beneficial for the individual or higher doses are required to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, one should see a related specialist.

What can be done for headaches?

  • Relaxing: Taking a break while working; walking or exercising may take the individual slightly away from the normal routine situation.
  • Coping with stress: The individual may try breathing exercises and relaxation exercises in case of a stressful work or stressful situation that he/she cannot get himself/herself away from it.
  • Depression treatment: If the patient is depressed or in a depressive mood, the medical treatment of depression is important for the effective treatment of headache.
  • Exercising regularly: Tension type headaches are more frequent in individuals who do not exercise than exercising individuals. Stairs should be preferred over elevators, motor vehicles should not be used for walking distances and physical exercise should be made a regular part of life as much as possible.