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Cancer is a diseases of dysfunctioning in organ or in organ system as a result of uncontrolled cell proliferation. Considering this aspect, cancer indicates differences both in diagnostic and treatment and follow-up requirements. This is because oncology patients should be treated in a multidisciplinary approach with every aspects. Advantages in imaging systems allow accurate diagnostic in early stages and after that proper surgical treatment with combination of medical and radiation oncology protocols allow patients to overcome the diseases. In contemporary days, there are high rates of success in cancer treatment under favor of scientific developments and medical experience.

Memorial Oncology Centers are dedicated providing services to you by the means of individualized comprehensive treatment with its internationally acknowledged medical expertise and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure in both diagnostic procedures and treatment protocols as well as spiritual support.

New era in Radiation Oncology, Truebeam STx

TrueBeam STx, the state-of-the-art revolutionary renovation in cancer treatment, is operable in all type of tumors. TrueBeam STx which can perform both radiotherapy and radiosurgery presents more advanced treatment options in comparison with the technologies Gamma Knife and CyberKnife. While Gamma Knife can irradiate only scull-based tumor, Truebeam STx can beam all type of tumors. CyberKnife, on the other hand, also can beam all type of tumors, BUT it has no such effect as Truebeam STx in big tumors.

Memorial Şişli Hospital, Memorial Ankara Hospital and Memorial Antalya Hospital Oncology Centers have TrueBeam STx technology in Radiation Oncology departments.

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