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Due to Covid-19 pandemic that took the whole world under its influence, we have launched our Memorial e-Doctor service in order to provide your health service safely. Along with this application, you will be able to reach the health service you need at your home. We are able to provide doctor consultations for health problems, the follow-up of your chronical disease to support your and your family’s health needs with our physicians from all our departments.

Online Health services to anyone from anywhere in the world from Memorial

No matter which city you are in, you will be able to reach from any point in Turkey. We provide you our e-doctor service from our hospitals in İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Kayseri and Diyarbakır with our experienced specialist physicians.

To schedule an appointment, and to find out about pricing, you can email us call us at +90 549 639 33 66

Frequently asked questions

1- For which physicians and branches can I get e-Doctor service?

In general, we are able to provide services with all our branches and physicians.

2- What are the situations that are not covered by the service?

Complaints about emergencies requiring medical intervention within the first 24 hours following the occurrence of the event in cases of sudden diseases, accidents, injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, traumas, loss of consciousness, severe burns, chest pain, vomiting and so forth are not covered by this service. If you have such symptoms, we recommend that you contact the relevant Emergency Health Service units immediately.

3- How is the payment received?

You can enter your credit card information and make the payment by using the secure payment infrastructure by clicking the link of the Memorial payment page that will be sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address without sharing your card information on the phone.

You can complete your transaction by confirming our Distance Sales Service Agreement and Informed Consent Document on the same page during your payment process.

4- Can I use my right of control and examination as an e-Doctor service? Do I have to pay an additional fee?

You can use this service free of charge for the purpose of evaluating your results after your physical examination in our hospitals and if your doctor informs you during your control period.

5- Can I make my result consultations as an e-Doctor service? Do I have to pay an additional fee?

We will meet you with our physician for your result consultations without paying any additional fees.

6- Is private health insurance valid for e-Doctor service?

E-Doctor service is not covered by private health insurances.

7- What are the requirements for the consultation and connection?

Any smartphone with a front camera with Android, IOS or Windows operating system should have Whatsapp as a video call app and a high-speed internet connection for a quality call. Our recommendation is to have internet connection with download and upload speeds of min 8 Mbps (eight megabits per second).

You can check your internet connection before the call on the Speedtest application that you will download to your phone or,  and we kindly ask you to be ready 10 minutes before your consultation appointment time.

8- On which application will the consultation be held and how will it be started?

Your doctor will call you on your appointment time via the Whatsapp application from your mobile phone number you provided during the appointment.

9- How long is the consultation last?

Our consultations are limited to 10 minutes. This period can be extended only by the initiative of your doctor.

Before the appointment time, our relevant counselors can call you and take your notes before the consultation. During this call, you can send your reports, if you have any, to the phone number you received.

10- Can I use the incoming phone number to call my doctor again?

No. The calls made by you to the number are not answered out of your call time. The relevant number can only be used at the appointment time given to you and for external calls by your doctor.

11- What happens if I am not ready at the appointment / consultation time?

If you cannot answer your phone when you are called by your physician at your appointment time and are not present at the relevant time, you are deemed to have given up your right to use the service. In this case, no refund will be made.

12- In what situations can a refund be made?

The paid service fee can be canceled up to 2 hours before the appointment time without any charge. For this, the withdrawal form on the payment site must be filled and sent to the Memorial contact email address (Call Center BackOffice Email Address).

However, for services canceled in less than 2 hours to the appointment time, the remaining amount will be refunded after 30% service delivery fee has been collected. Withdrawal form must be filled in for a return request.


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