Memorial Wellness
Memorial Wellness

Zorlu Center AVM, +1 Köprü Katı, 34340, Zincirlikuyu Beşiktaş/İstanbul
+90 549 639 3366

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Witness the meeting of Health and Beauty…

Memorial Wellness, which brings a brand new understanding to our country about a quality life, offers a holistic approach to individual consultancy services needed for stay healthy, fit and beautiful in a scientific frame with its expert staff, technological infrastructure and medical equipment.

Memorial Wellness brings together a long-term life concept with Endocrinology and Metabolism, Nutrition Counseling, Manual Medicine, Cosmetic Dermatology, Psychotherapy and Medical Fitness Counseling departments for those who want to make a good start to a new life and improve the quality of life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's check-up options in your hospital?
    Memorial Health Group, age, accompanied by periodic health checks to check-up consultants, gender, occupation and standard of living appropriate to your specific programs, we are determined together with our specialist doctors. Detailed information can be found here for our Check-Up option.
    Control examination of how much time?
    Turkish Medical Association and control being implemented in 10 days Ministry of Health's applications examination period is calculated as the first day, including services received.
    How can I report complaints about the hospital?
    opinion on the health care you receive, suggestions, and complaints can thank our Patient Rights unit in our hospital, contact your person, you can report the phone number 444 7888 by calling our Call Center.
    Additional information I / Does it shared the results?
    Personal data and personal information of the results of our patients Protection Act should not be shared with anyone other than themselves. You can reach your rights under the Law on Personal Data Protection and detailed information concerning the processing of your data here.
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