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Memorial e-Doctor


When you need health service support,

Without in need of going to the hospital

Memorial Healthcare Group’s doctors are here for your health…

During COVID-19 pandemic that took the whole world under its influence, our priorities are the health of our patients’ and their safety.

As Memorial Healthcare Group, we continue to provide our diagnosis and treatment services in our emergency services, policlinic services, surgery centers and all our departments from all our branches safely in the direction of the guidance we receive in accordance with World Health Organization and Ministry of Health.

Along with all the precautions we have taken, for the fight with Corona virus (COVID-19) we say #stayhome and we bring the whole world with our health services. We provide the health care support you need with our services “Memorial e-Doctor” and “Memorial Home Care” at your home.

Thus, you may consult the health related topics from the branch you need to our specialist physicians, in necessary cases you can receive your examination at your home, and again you can receive your check-up without needing to leave your home via live call with our doctors.


What is Memorial e-Doctor?

It is a health care service application that provides you online doctor consultations for health problems, the follow-up of your chronical disease to support your and your family’s health needs with our physicians from all our departments, psychologist and dietician in the cases of when you cannot go to the hospital.

No matter which city you are in, you will be able to reach from any point in Turkey via your smart phone. We provide you our e-doctor service from our 11 hospitals and 4 medical centers in İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Kayseri and Diyarbakır with our experienced specialist physicians, psychologists and dieticians. With e-doctor application, you can make an appointment for any day and any hour, and you can receive your answers for your health condition problems via live consultation with your doctor.

How do you receive e-Doctor service?

Live consultation in 3 simple steps


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- You can leave a form for the service you request through our Memorial Web Site (www.memorial.com.tr) or our Social Media accounts and you will be called as soon as possible, or you can call our Call Center directly by calling 444 88 99.

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- By contacting our Call Center Representative, you can organize your live and video calls with any of our hospitals and doctors on the same day and complete your appointment procedures.

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- After your appointment planning, you can complete your transaction by approving our Credit Card Payment and Distance Sales Service Agreement and Preliminary Information and Consent Form by using the secure payment infrastructure with the guidance of our Call Center Authorities

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- Before your online doctor consultation, our Patient Counselors will confirm your information and complete your registration by calling you from your mobile phone number that you shared and / or in our systems. In the meantime, you can share your reports that you want to convey to your doctor.

- We kindly request you to be ready for an online doctor consultation at a suitable place with your past analysis results 10 minutes before your appointment time.

- We will start the live consultation service by calling you via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger applications on your phone at your appointment time.

- All of your live consultation information will be recorded in our system as a medical record.

- As part of your live consultation, your doctor may recommend medicines for your complaints regarding your essential health problems or for the purpose of maintaining your medicines that are used regularly for your chronic diseases.



For Your Physical Examination and Examination Needs;

- We can organize your examination needs in our hospitals for the hours that suit you. If you have private health insurance, your authorization will be taken by us.

- If you are a resident of Istanbul, you can have your doctor's physical examinations at home, if necessary, with your Memorial Home Care services without leaving your home.

- The live consultation will be held according to the legal and deontological rules and you can be invited to a physical examination if your doctor needs it. In this case, your payment for the live consultation will be deducted from your payment for your physical examination.


Control Meeting;

- After your physical examination in our hospitals or Live consultation, you can make a Live control consultation for free for the purpose of evaluating your results and if your doctor informs you during your 10-day control period.

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Complaints about emergencies requiring medical intervention within the first 24 hours following the occurrence of the event in cases of sudden diseases, accidents, injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, traumas, loss of consciousness, severe burns, chest pain, vomiting and so forth are not covered by this service. If you have such symptoms, we recommend that you contact the relevant Emergency Health Service units immediately.

E-Doctor services are not yet covered by private health insurances, bank funds and other constructed insurance providers.

Any smartphone with a front camera with Android, IOS or Windows operating system should have Whatsapp as a video call app and a high-speed internet connection for a quality call.

If you cannot answer your phone when you are called by your physician at your appointment time and are not present at the relevant time, you are deemed to have given up your right to use the service. In this case, no refund will be made.

The paid service fee can be canceled up to 2 hours before the appointment time without any charge. For this, the withdrawal form on the payment site must be filled and sent to the Memorial contact email address ([email protected]). However, for services canceled in less than 2 hours to the appointment time, the remaining amount will be refunded after 30% service delivery fee has been collected. Withdrawal form must be filled in for a return request.

Patients Reviews


G. (APRIL 4,2020)

“I strongly suggest the service I have recieved. The doctor was very concerned and attentive. He was a very unique and precious doctor. I am an elderly person and if I have any other problems, I will definetly contact to my doctor again.”

evde bakım

Y.E.Ö. (APRIL 4,2020)

“They were very careful about gygiene and they measured our fever first when they came home. My husband had stitchies on his head, they remove those stitches and I am very satistfied with the operation. All the waste left by the operation was not thrown to our garbage but to the garbage bag they brought and took it with them. This also made me very happy. ”

evde bakım

M.D.S. (APRIL 4,2020)

“My father has cancer and it is difficult to find his veins. They found his vein at their first try without upsetting or hurting my father. Your employees were very friendly. They wore protective cloths. They operated with they masks and gloves on. It was very hygienic. Even the ones who arrange the appointment were very attentive and informed. They took good care of us. Even fort he test results we didint have to chase after them, they transferred to us at the early hours in the morning. We didint have any problems. We are gladly satisfied by the service.”


R.G.K. (APRIL 4,2020)

“A good service fort he hard times like these. Doctor contacted me on time, he wasnt late.”

evde bakım

G.S. (APRIL 4,2020)

“I reccomend you without doubt. I am glad especially for your administrators’ attention. They call and inform about everything day and night.”


H.P. (APRIL 4,2020)

“I am glad that I dont have to go to the hospitals these days. I saw my doctor on time. Also your nurses have my blessings.”


Ö. (APRIL 4,2020)

“My doctor contacted me as soon as he was available. I was also glad with the ones arranging the appointments.”

evde bakım

H.K. (APRIL 4,2020)

“We were insufficient especially for my kid’s nutrition and degassification. They gave us their support on that matter.”


M.D. (APRIL 4,2020)

“My doctor didnt keep me waiting which I am glad about. He was a very understanding and attentive doctor. He examined me like we were in the hospitals. I have seen a lot of doctors and finally I found the one.”

evde bakım

R.C. (APRIL 4,2020)

“Doctors’ coming with their team and equipment on time made us really happy. These were important details. Thank you for everything.”

Memorial Home Care

Online doktor

For your health problems,

For your child's vaccination practices and routine health checks,

For follow-up of your chronic diseases and all the health services you need

We are here for you with “Home Care Services”…

Let your health come to your home

With Memorial Home care services!

With Memorial Home Care Services, you can now access the health care you need without leaving your home. We can offer many services, including specialist doctor examinations, nursing services, laboratory and radiology exams, at your home or workplace, for your health problems, monitoring of your chronic illnesses and any health questions you need support.

Within the scope of our Home Care services, the service is provided in accordance with the values of the Memorial Health Group and international standards, without disturbing the daily life flow. Depending on your health problem, home patient care includes a wide spectrum ranging from doctor examinations, short or long-term nursing services, various therapies to other healthcare services, from using medical devices, to laboratory examinations and home vaccination.

With our professional Home Care staff, perfect service understanding and technological equipment, we are at your side with reliable and thoughtful solutions for your health needs that you can encounter in many stages of life.

Our Services

1 – Home Doctor Service

Your health checks are under the quality and assurance of Memorial with the Home Doctor Exam service that we carry out in the comfort of your home with our specialist physicians from every branch.

Our specialist physicians carry out your examination within the scope of home physician service, and carry out medical tests and interventions that can be performed in the home environment by arranging diagnoses and treatments related to their areas of expertise. Our home healthcare doctors can check and monitor your illnesses with regular visits if your medical condition requires it.

Memorial Home Care Services specialist doctors provide regular follow-up of many chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and diabetes, and provide home health care services by performing routine or disease control and treatment of your children that you do not want in a hospital setting.

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2- Home baby, Robust Child Tracking and Vaccination Service

Our pediatric specialists, can do your home exams with your home care nurses and perform routine follow-up and vaccination at your home without having to go to the hospital.

3 – Home Nursing Service

Your interventional treatments, which are prescribed by your physicians, are offered by the experienced Memorial nurse staff with Home Nursing service without the need to leave your home.

Injection, drug application, catheterization, blood collection, dressing, bed wound care seen in those who have been treated for a long time, home serum application, home vaccine application, stoma care, blood collection etc. all nursing services can be performed. Our Specialist Newborn Nurses visit the mothers who have just given birth in their homes, while providing healthy and sick baby care, as well as giving home training to the mothers.

Our nurses evaluate the needs of the baby and the mother in the home conditions, and apply and show the reliable and approved information by Memorial Health Group specialists to mothers who have just given birth in the maternity care, breastfeeding, baby bath, breast care, baby's eye, nail care, and maternal feeding.

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4 – Home Radiology and Imaging Services

Medical imaging services such as Ultrasound, Doppler, ECG and X-ray at home are provided with our expert Radiology physicians and portable devices with Memorial quality and assurance. Our radiologists perform your medical imaging in the home environment with modern portable devices and then deliver your reports to you and your doctor in digital environment.

5- Home Medical Device Rental Service

All medical devices and equipment such as equipment, support devices and patient beds that provide daily activities can be provided by Memorial Home Care Services.. Besides these;

  1. Patient Bed
  2. Air mattress
  3. Wheelchair
  4. Physical therapy devices
  5. Support devices for patients with mobility impairment (closet riser, walker, forearm crutch, single and tripod cane, crutches, etc.)
  6. Monitors
  7. Infant apnea bed
  8. Glucometer instruments
  9. Serum Straps
  10. Sphygmomanometers
  11. Thermometers (for measuring fever)
  12. Milk pumps
  13. Pain and infusion pumps
  14. Nutrition pumps
  15. Pulse oximeter (oximeters)
  16. Healthy living products (orthopedic beds, pillows and cushions) can be provided

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