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The 1000th Liver Transplant Success in Memorial Şişli Hospital

1.05.2020 00:39:30

The 1000th Liver Transplant Success in Memorial Şişli Hospital

Memorial Şişli Hospital Organ Transplantation Centre, which is the first centre licenced for organ transplantation in the private healthcare sector, has achieved worldwide success in April by performing the liver transplantation of the 1000th patient. So far, in the organ transplantation centre of the Memorial Şişli Hospital, 297 children and 703 adults, including 30% under the age of 5, started a second life with a liver transplant. Thanks to the liver transplants performed, the Centre gave hope to the patients in every age group from 4 months old to 70 years old.


Our difference is our experience…

Prof. Koray Acarlı, MD, head of the Organ Transplantation Centre at Memorial Şişli Hospital,  told that the number of centres in the world reaching such a success is very small. Prof. Acarlı emphasized that the Memorial Healthcare Group guided the way to the organ transplantations to be done also in the private hospitals and said, “We are really an experienced centre in the field. The 1000 liver transplants done have provided many contributions for us. Our team has performed many different surgeries ranging from those of the seemingly impossible cases to small babies or to the adults at the edge of life. While the most active players of the transplantation surgeries are the surgical team, the multidisciplinary work of many teams in the hospital provides the important factors of success. Thus, we are all happy and proud.”


Thirty percent of our patients are below the age of 5!

Prof. Acarlı underlined the fact that 80% of the transplants are done from living donors due to the insufficiency of cadaveric donors and added, “It is known by everyone that the cadaveric organ donation is insufficient in our country and this brings about the necessity of transplantation from living donors to the patients with kidney or liver failure. Transplantation from a living donor is a very special surgery. This surgery can only be performed in special centres. Think about it, almost 70 percent of the liver of a completely healthy person is removed. And then, without putting the life of that person under risk, another patient is given life. Besides this, there is also the special case of children. The biggest number of paediatric liver transplantations in Turkey is performed in our centre. Of the 1000 liver transplants in total, 297 are transplantations for paediatric patients. However, the paediatric patient group that I am talking about is not those at the age of 17 or below. The paediatric transplantation patients are children under the age of five and even under the age of one. These surgeries require special work because it is a very difficult job to place a part of the liver taken from an adult to a small body correctly.  


We are number one in the world in transplantation from living donors!

Prof. Koray Acarlı, MD stated that the Organ Transplantation Centre of the Memorial Şişli Hospital was consulted by many patients and surgeons from all around the world to have transplantation surgery and to have training on organ transplantation respectively and  that the centre has become a significant reference point in the international field. Prof. Acarlı told, “Turkey is in competition with South Korea to be the number one in the world. In the past, doctors went abroad for education and the patients went abroad for treatment but the situation is vice versa at the moment.  Colleagues from many countries around the world, primarily those from the USA, come to our country to take training from us and international patients come to our centre for treatment. This demonstrates the road we have taken in organ transplantation.”

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