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Always One Step Forward For Patient’s Safety

1.05.2020 00:36:55

Memorial, which has a privileged position in the Turkish health sector, has passed the Joint Commission International (JCI) review for the 5th consecutive time.

Memorial has passed through a five day inspection conducted by a special JCI crew from USA and keep reaching great achievements in providing top quality and services in healthcare. Turkey’s first, worlds 21st Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital Memorial, prove again the value it places on human health and exhibited the effort it took to continue to be a pro quality healthcare provider.

JCI:” I’ll prefer Memorial for a treatment, if I were in Turkey”

Memorial Healthcare Investments CEO Uğur Genç mentioned that it’s not the primary goal of Memorial to receive the certificate. He mentioned following the procedure closely, seeing the missing things and learn about it is very important. He also mentioned: “This is a great procedure to learn and improve our selves. With each inspection, we are trying to work according the JCI guidelines and together with this guidelines our aim is improving the patient safety and patient care. Actually there are important details hidden in healthcare but most patients aren’t aware of it. Only when they experience something negative they would be aware of it. Our purpose is to discharge the patient from the hospital with full recovery. These are the reasons why JCI find us successful. It sends a letter after each audit and in the last one they mentioned: “I’ll prefer Memorial for a treatment, if I were in Turkey” which displayed our success and this is extremely important for us.

The important thing is patient safety

Mr. Genç also mentioned that quality of patient care and patient safety is one of the most important tasks in Memorial and he mentions that JCI helps to maintain it. Uğur Genç also mentioned that JCI changed and improved itself over time. “Since 2002 they changed the procedure and updated the policy according to new knowledge they have acquired. So we can also keep renewing our self. We were informed already on measures taken to prevent any negative occurrence in the hospital environment so we can take precautions to prevent any negative happening to our patients. Therefore I’m always in for the JCI inspection” said Mr. Genç.

The emotional bond with patients has also caught the attention of JCI

CEO Mr. Uğur Genç is happy to pass the inspection for the 5th time and tells about the most remarkable detail noticed by JCI: “During the inspection, JCI follows several rules to measure patient safety. Beside that they noticed our young, fresh and dynamic Memorial employees having an emotional bond with patients. When they compare it with USA they keep mentioning that there is a big difference in between. JCI said it’s not a benchmark but it’s a big plus for a hospital”.

The aim is not getting the JCI certification, but applying the standards

To be a leader in health tourism and make important steps in the health sector, Uğur Genç mentioned that it’s important to be a JCI accredited hospital. “My aim is not only getting the JCI certification, but fulfill the standards accordingly. Our hospitals are being inspected by our experienced teams at all times. But I’m aware of the importance of the JCI certification for providers in health tourism destinations and it’s also a factor international patients look for. That’s why Şişli, Ataşehir and Antalya Memorial passed the JCI inspection successfully and earned the required certification. In 2015 the required application for Memorial Ankara will be done. With this we will have the chance to see again and again the procedures for JCI accreditation by all hospitals”.

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