For The Health And Safety Of Our Patients & Employees


Due to the COVID-19 virus that took the whole world under its influence, we have taken various precautions for the health and safety of our patients, as well as their relatives and our employees. As a health care institution, we continue to provide our services of diagnosis and treatment in emergency services, ambulatory care services, surgical centers and with all units from all the departments.

We appreciate your understanding concerning the precautions we have taken under the guidance of World Health Organization and Ministry of Health with the cooperation of our Infection Control Comities below.

  • The entrance doors are reduced in numbers to allow a more controlled entry. The directions for the entrance are located in the relevant spots.
  • Patient visits are not allowed. No visitors are allowed in Intensive Care Units and Palliative Care services.
  • For our inpatients, only one constant companion will be allowed. No companion under age 18 will be allowed.
  • Companion of our outpatients has been limited to only 1 person.
  • Nurses have been assigned to measure fever for our employees and patients in hospital entrances.  People diagnosed with high fever are being directed to the appointed medical areas.
  • Informative plates are being located in hospital entrances and counters.
  • Risky and suspicious overseas contacted cases with cough, fever and difficulty in breathing will be isolated in the different medical areas in order to avoid their contact with other patients.
  • Health care providers that will make patients’ first consultation and triage, have received their special education in guidance with ‘infection control rules’
  • Our pediatric clinics have been separated into two units for healthy kids and sick kids.
  • Our employees perform 1 meter “preservation distance” in their contact with patients. The chairs and sofas in waiting rooms have been separated from each other as much as possible.
  • The printed materials such as magazines, newspapers, brochures and menus are collected as per the infection rules. Kids’ playgrounds are closed.
  • In our hospitals, as part of infection precautions and hygiene practices, disinfection is being provided constantly in the areas like clinics, waiting rooms, corridors, elevators, toilets and sanctuary.
  • The number of Hand Disinfectants in common areas is being increased towards hand hygiene.
  • Our preparations as an institution are maximized against possible crisis.
  • All of our employees’ condition is being followed closely and they are all being informed periodically to take necessary precautions.
  • Our cleaning staff has been informed by our infection team towards hygiene rules regarding the usage of disposal single-use gloves during the cleaning. Accordingly, common usage materials such as the rooms, the furniture in waiting rooms, TV remoter, wheelchair, stretcher, doors, carpets and textile products are being cleaned by appropriate products more often.
  • Our catering service providers have been informed towards hygiene rules. Accordingly, a part of common use materials has been removed and the disinfection of the necessary ones has been provided.
  • The disinfection of ambulances, shuttles and cars have been provided by the relevant firms.


Along with these measures and precautions, Memorial Healthcare Group always continues to be your trusted healthcare provider with the highest quality and safety standards…


March 20, 2020