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New Era in the Treatment of Oncology Patients

1.05.2020 00:39:25

We proudly announce the advent of Truebeam and Truebeam STx in Memorial Şişli Hospital.

Memorial Şişli Oncology Center’s great experienced medical staff treats its patients with worlds best advanced technologies. From now on Memorial Şişli Hospital can treat its patients with Truebeam and Truebeam STx. This highly advanced technology represents the latest evolution of cancer treatment technology with speed, precision and patient comfort including challenging cases in the brain, spine, lung, liver and prostate.

Truebeam STx is an advanced linear accelerator and radiosurgery treatment system that makes clinicians able to target tumors in difficult or hard to reach areas. This new drastic device uses sophisticated imaging and respiration synchronization tools to visualize soft tissue during treatment and make changes accordingly. With new beam-shaping capabilities using the High-Intensity Mode, it enables the delivery of larger doses in smaller places. Now clinicians can perform radiosurgery procedures with exceptional ease and speed, with most treatments taking only a few minutes a day.

Memorial Şişli Oncology Center also have PET-CT that will allow clinicians to detect cancer tissues with higher accuracy and helps the treatment to be directed to tumor region, protecting nearby tissues at optimal condition.

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