Memorial Health Group is carrying out the mission and vision in the direction of qualified manpower recruitment is to ensure that employees can effectively and efficiently and in this respect the creation of a harmonious business environment.

This approach Memorial Health Group, date and people-oriented education with Human Resources applications, open development, motivation and corporate ownership has adopted the principle of being with high employee.


Memorial Health Group is in need of new personnel on the internet and / or our jobs is situated in the newspaper. These ads can learn by following their business opportunities in Memorial Health Group and can apply for open positions. References from our hospital according to the position they apply to candidates that meet our criteria and General Aptitude Test is applied to the open position. Successful applicants will first be interviewed by Human Resources Management and candidates deemed suitable at the end of this call will be interviewed by the relevant unit managers. All applications are evaluated by adhering to the principle of confidentiality.


  • Cost: Net fee paid basis.
  • Staff Service: Our hospital employees, has extensive routes in our free service network serving the European and Asian sides.
  • Food Free lunch and dinner service is for shift workers, we are able to have breakfast.
  • Housing: housing facilities are provided for our nurses who apply from outside of Istanbul.
  • Private Health Insurance: our employees, their spouses and children to our hospital and negotiated when all other hospital outpatient and made private health insurance that covers inpatient treatment.
  • Benefit from Healthcare: Our employees and their relatives (mother, father, mother-in-law, father, siblings) can benefit from discounted health care in our hospital.
  • Allow Facilities: Memorial Health Group;
    1 year service period up to 5 years with the 14 business days,
    Having over 6 years up to 15 years length of service to 20 business days,
    16 years of service with over 26 business day period has the right to use.
    Memorial Health Group also illness, marriage, death, birth, and leave entitlements, such as milk permit is valid.
  • Hours: Memorial Health Group overtime hours are from 08:30 to 18:00 hours. Memorial Health Group, there is also a shift in working order due to a 24-hour hospital.
  • Workplace Doctor: In the Memorial Health Group, which performs only in the treatment of diseases and sudden illness of employees on assignment in response to a doctor.

    ON STAFF are

    Memorial Health Group, located in the open position;

    General Reference

    international quality standards laid out in the document for the first JCI Accreditation of Health in Turkey, the firsts in the private health sector Memorial, is waiting for you ...

    • improve themselves with vocational training during the study period and who want to have a good career;
    • High school or college graduate,
    • Development and open to learning,
    • the objectives for the future,
    • Written and oral communication is strong,
    • Followers, fast and dynamic,
    • friendly
    • NEW GRADUATES who believes in teamwork expect CANDIDATES applications.

      please fill out the Application Form for general application. All applications made via this site, according to the principle of confidentiality is observed only by Memorial Health Group and evaluated.


      Dear Nurses

      Trust us, you want to live in happiness and the value given to human health?

      Development is open to researchers, the following updated information and applications, holistic nursing approach, if you adopt a communication based on trust with impeccable service concept ...

      Your Application being published in the https://www.kariyer.net/firma-profil/memorial-saglik-grubu-2096-12034 "nurse" you can contact their ads .

      There is a possibility our lodging for our nurses coming from outside the city.

      Application Links

      Kariyer.net: to https://www.kariyer.net/firma-profil/memorial-saglik-grubu-2096-12034


      The students who are entitled to an internship at Memorial Health Group are responsible for compliance with the rules below when he began an internship:

      • Training start and end dates, according to the internship application form; internship period, the quota will be part of the internship and will be determined by taking into consideration the date they are appropriate.
      • section Internships will be carried out under the responsibility of the administrator.
      • Training evaluation forms, training will be delivered before the end of the two days prior to the department manager. The forms filled in by the administrator will be sent to the Human Resources officials secret. After the last signature and seal are complete; and a sealed envelope will be delivered to the trainee.
      • care to fill in the probationary period Stage book will be displayed. Book, will be completed before the end of two days of training and will be delivered to the department manager. In the notebook, document that can be seen ejecting from the Memorial Health Group in mind, knowledge, projects, reports and materials should not take place. In such cases, section manager internship will sign the book.
      • Intern, section staff, patient information, negotiated institutions, services received in the company, Memorial Health Group Medical will be at the expense of the institution related to the commercial, financial, corporate, person specific, and so on. all kinds of information, but is obliged to keep the secret and reveal them.
      • Interns, Memorial Health Group in a matter outside of any of the tasks given to him, must not communicate with patients and their relatives.
      • Interns, "Principles of Memorial Health Group Clothing Disguise" What is obliged to comply.
      • Trainee students, Memorial Health Group within will attach themselves to the collar during overtime provided identity cards and the apprenticeship completion date, Attendance will submit to the Personnel Management unit with temporary cards.
      • Intern, the department responsible for the Human Resources division last day of the internship period last signature in increasingly necessary training books, stamps by completing the "Student Evaluation Form" will fill the.
      • Students began an internship at Memorial Health Group are deemed to have accepted these rules written above.
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