Our Ethical Policy

Memorial Health Group Code of Ethics and Working Principles


Our Mission


Following scientific and technological developments with its distinguished staff without compromising ethical principles; To become a world brand in health by making a difference with the pioneering practices in the sector with a service understanding of international quality standards focused on patient, patient relatives and employee satisfaction.


Our vision

To be a perfection-oriented and reliable wellness partner.

Our Values

  • Pioneering
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Patient and employee satisfaction
  • Excellence

One of our most important values that reveal our understanding of doing business at MSG is our Code of Ethics and Working Principle.


The Memorial Health Group Code of Ethics and Working Principles guide, in addition to determining our standards of behavior, includes rules for combating corruption, ensures that our employees work in respectable work environments, sets standards for the protection of information and data, and guides us about our behavior model that we will adopt in our external relations.

Our leaders in our organization are responsible for leading our employees by demonstrating exemplary behavior and making business decisions in accordance with the Memorial Health Group Code of Ethics and Working Principles.

All our employees are obliged to comply with the Memorial Health Group Code of Ethics and Working Principles. All business partners (suppliers, business partners, patients and patient relatives) are expected to comply with the business ethics rules and all other policies, principles and practices that support these rules.

MSG Employee Relations


MSG values its Employees and respects employee rights. MSG aims to be the most preferred and ideal institution that everyone is proud to be a part of, consisting of the most successful and competent professionals who create added value that will ensure sustainable growth.

"Our most important capital is our human resources" policy is one of the basic principles adopted by MSG. In this direction, our corporate vision has been determined as "Being a perfection-oriented and reliable healthy life partner". Within this framework, the basic principles guiding MSG Employee relations are listed below:

  1. To bring in the most qualified young people and experienced professionals who will take our company forward,
  2. Not to discriminate in all human resources practices regarding employees due to characteristics such as religion, language, race, gender, physical disability, age,
  3. To provide added value from the talents and creativity of the employees,
  4. Providing equality of opportunity and opportunity for training, guiding and developing employees,
  5. Rewarding success with fair and competitive wage policies, effective and objective performance evaluation systems and practices,
  6. Increasing employees' loyalty to the company by providing equal opportunities in promotion and rewarding,
  7. Ensuring the continuity of work peace
  8. Providing clean, healthy and safe working conditions for employees,
  9. Creating and maintaining a transparent and mutual respect-promoting working environment where cooperation and solidarity are the most important elements,
  10. Not allowing any harassment in the workplace,
  11. Evaluating and responding to employees' opinions and suggestions and taking measures to increase motivation. Not to share private information about employees with third parties without the employee's permission and knowledge, except for legal obligations,
  12. Respecting human rights,

It constitutes the basic principles in terms of relations with employees.

Shareholder Relations


  1. To protect the rights and interests of its shareholders as determined by law,
  2. To make maximum effort to create value in return for the resources provided by its shareholders, to distribute the profit to shareholders or to direct them to investment,
  3. To ensure that the matters that need to be disclosed about the companies are announced to the shareholders and the public in a timely and accurate manner,
  4. To ensure that MSG is managed within the framework of trust and honesty principles; To manage company resources, assets and working time with efficiency awareness by targeting sustainable growth and profitability.


Government Relations


  1. To comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations in the countries where we operate and can be operated,
  2. To manage, record and report all business activities and accounting system in accordance with the law in a complete and appropriate manner,
  3. To comply with all MSG policies in relations with public institutions and other government organizations.


Social Responsibility


MSG believes that organizations can grow together with the society they serve.

  1. To show sensitivity to the issues concerning the society and to support the positive development of the society,
  2. To support studies that will contribute to economic and social development,


Patient and Patient Relative Relations


  1. To create value for our patients, to meet their demands and needs at the highest level,
  2. To provide quality and ethical services and to follow stable policies,
  3. To create a long-term trust environment in relations with patients and their relatives,
  4. To provide complete, accurate information to patients and their relatives.


Relations with Suppliers


  1. To create mutual value in business relations with suppliers,
  2. Mutually comply with all legislation (laws, regulations, regulations, etc.) and the decisions of competent authorities regarding the protection of competition,
  3. Deciding on supplier company selections with absolute objective criteria. Not employing or recruiting relatives, familiar companies or individuals who might create a relationship of interest.
  4. To comply with reasonable confidentiality and work safety rules requested by the supplier during supplier audits and visits.


Competitor and Competition Relations


  1. Except for the limits permitted by the legislation, not to make agreements with competitors or other persons or organizations with the aim of preventing, distorting or restricting competition, directly or indirectly, or that have or may cause this effect, and not to make agreements and compliant behaviors in any way,
  2. Not to abuse this dominant position in cases where it dominates a particular market alone or together with other undertakings,
  3. Not to negotiate and exchange information with competitors to determine the market and / or competition conditions together. Avoiding all kinds of negotiations and transactions that may lead to the above-mentioned situations or be qualified as such in the meetings of associations, councils, chambers, professional associations, etc., and other private or professional meetings and meetings that represent the Company.


Ethical Rules of Conduct for Employees


It is the primary responsibility of all MSG employees to ensure that the MSG name is remembered with professionalism, integrity and trust, and that it is carried forward. In this context, expectations from MSG employees are listed below:

  1. Always abiding by the law,
  2. To fulfill its duties within the framework of basic moral and human values,
  3. Not to gain unfair profit from individuals and organizations for whatever purpose, not to take or give bribes,
  4. To act in accordance with the relevant business ethics rules and all policies, principles and practices that support these rules,
  5. Not to act, make a statement or correspondence that would leave the company under commitment unless clearly authorized,
  6. Not to behave in a way that will disturb and / or harm other employees, not to disrupt the work harmony,
  7. To pay attention to the company's information documentation and all tangible and intangible assets as if it were personal property, to protect them against possible loss, damage, misuse, abuse, theft and sabotage,
  8. Not using working time and company resources directly or indirectly for personal benefit and / or political activity and benefit,
  9. Ensuring that legal procedures are initiated and completed on time in order to guarantee the intellectual property rights of newly developed products, processes and software,
  10. Avoiding unauthorized use of patents, copyrights, trade secrets, brands, computer programs or other intellectual and industrial property rights of other companies,
  11. To ensure that all legal records are kept in a healthy way,
  12. Not responding to information requests from third parties that fall into the confidential category of the company without the approval of senior management,
  13. To ensure that the statements and reports presented by the company are truthful
  14. To make the necessary crisis planning regarding the emergency crisis management to be created in case of natural disasters, etc., thus ensuring the continuity of the business with minimum loss in the crisis,
  15. To take every precaution to prevent company assets from being stolen or damaged,
  16. Acting with the awareness that financial and commercial secrets of MSG, information that will weaken competitiveness, employee rights and information, agreements with business partners are within the framework of "confidentiality", to ensure their protection and confidentiality,
  17. Not to share the information learned for business purposes and the documents they have with unauthorized persons and authorities within and outside the institution for whatever purpose, not to use (directly or indirectly) for speculative purposes
  18. Not to use non-public information about MSG, MSG patients and other persons and companies with whom MSG does business for any other purpose, not to share it with third parties without obtaining necessary permissions,
  19. Not to gain unfair advantage in favor of himself, his relatives or third parties by taking advantage of his title and authority,
  20. To take care not to fall into a conflict of interest with MSG in personal investments,
  21. Taking care that personal investments or activities other than any business activity do not interfere with the ongoing MSG in terms of giving time and attention to his / her duty and avoiding such situations that prevent focusing on the main tasks,
  22. To inform the senior manager in the event that the employee and the persons who are in the first degree decision-making position in the company in the position of customer or supplier are first degree relatives,
  23. To inform the supervisor in the event that relatives have a share or financial interest in another company with a commercial relationship,
  24. Not to act in favor of one's own or relatives,
  25. Not participating to sports activities other than conferences, receptions, promotional events, seminars that are open to general participation, conferences, receptions, promotional activities, seminars that are impressive in decision making or that may be perceived as such, domestic / foreign trips, invitations, without the approval of the HR Director, General Manager, Group Directors,
  26. Selling work to MSG by establishing a company himself or using the information and document obtained from MSG as a partner after leaving his job at MSG,
  27. Knowing that trying to gain any commercial benefit (insider trading) by using any confidential information belonging to MSG or giving it to third parties is a legal crime and definitely not to attempt,
  28. To submit to the approval of the HR Director and the Department Director, if the staff will work outside of the job they have undertaken in the Company, even out of working hours,

Representation or membership duties on behalf of the company in the boards established by law and non-governmental organizations depend on the approval of the Company Management. The employment of the personnel in an institution or organization outside the company in matters that fall into their profession or expertise depends on the written approval of the General Manager of the Company.




There is zero tolerance for bribery or any kind of corruption in MSG and the employment contract of the relevant person is terminated and a criminal complaint is made immediately.

No MSG employee or manager, or third party acting on behalf of MSG, cannot directly or indirectly promise or offer or give bribes or anything with monetary value to a government official, a State Economic Enterprise representative, or an employee of any other legal entity to influence that person's decisions or actions towards MSG gaining unfair advantage.

They cannot accept and offer any gift that creates the impression of the existence of an irregularity, may cause a dependency relationship or may be perceived as such, except for materials that are given in accordance with commercial traditions, customs and traditions or have a souvenir / promotional nature.

Similarly, it is strictly forbidden for any MSG employee to request or receive direct or indirect bribe from any party.


Political Activity Ban


MSG does not make donations to political parties, politicians or political candidates. Demonstrations, propaganda and similar activities are not allowed within the boundaries of the workplaces. Company resources (such as vehicles, computers, e-mails) cannot be allocated to political activities.

Obligation to Notify Violations


If the employees learn or suspect that the MSG Code of Ethics and Working Principles or any other MSG policy or the laws and regulations that MSG is subject to are violated, they are obliged to report this situation to the MSG Ethics Line.

Disclosure of the report to third parties in a way that would adversely affect the person's peace of mind or relationships at the workplace will be strictly prevented.

It is very important that the notifier is free from intentions such as gossiping about the reported person or trying to negatively affect his / her career. In this respect, confidentiality, objectivity and compliance with ethical rules are extremely critical during the reporting and investigation process. It is imperative that both notifiers and those managing the relevant process pay maximum attention to this issue. When deliberate notices that are false and / or libelous are detected, they are interpreted as a breach of ethics.


Ethical Behavior Board


MSG Ethics Committee receives and evaluates reports.

The Ethics Committee Member who notifies him / her informs the other board members about the issue. Research and examination results are evaluated at the meeting held with the participation of the Ethics Committee members. Actions, measures and penalties to be taken are determined at this meeting and carried out on the basis of confidentiality.

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