Preoperative Information Form


This form has been prepared in order to remind our patients and their relatives about the issues that are recommended and should not be forgotten before coming to our hospital for your planned surgery. We will call you the day before the surgery and provide detailed information, and you can ask us if you have any questions. If your surgery is on Monday, you will be called for information on Saturday. If you are not called until 18:00, you can contact the Patient Hospitalization-Discharge Department by calling our Call Center.



Medication Use

• If you have medication (s) you use regularly, please inform your physician prior to surgery.

• Ask your doctor about when to stop taking blood thinners and anti-inflammatory (pain relief) pills.

• If you are using anti-psychotic (psychological) medication, make sure to talk to your physician and psychiatrist before the surgery.

• Patients with diabetes / diabetes and using insulin pumps should speak to an endocrinologist / internal medicine specialist one week before their surgery date.

• Inform your physician if you have any herbal or animal products (such as omega 3) that you use other than pharmaceuticals.

Things You Should Not Forget

• Please take note of the extra information given by your physician.

• For information about all payment methods, please contact the Patient Hospitalization Department.


Personal Preparation

• Please do not shave the area you will be operated on, unless your doctor advises otherwise.

• Since you cannot take a bath for a while after the operation, it will be beneficial in terms of hygiene. It would be appropriate for our male patients to have a beard and mustache shaving for the same reason.

Things You Should Not Forget

• Unless otherwise stated, stop eating and drinking (including water) 8 hours before surgery.

• If you have old examinations (such as MR, Ultrasound, Tomography), do not forget to bring them to our hospital.

• Bring along your routine medicines by listing their doses.

• If you feel offended and fever on the day of surgery and the day before, please inform your doctor.


Your Diet Program

• Stop eating and drinking (including water) 8 hours before the operation time.

• The same eating and drinking rules apply to our child patients.

• Baby patients should be weaned from breast milk 4 hours before surgery and formula 6 hours before surgery.

• Do not use chewing gum, candy and throat drops on the morning of the surgery.

• If you are a nursing mother, consult your doctor about the breastfeeding processes after surgery.

Medication Use

• If you have diabetes / diabetes, do not take your oral diabetes medication on the day of surgery. If you are using an insulin pump, bring an extra insulin reservoir and set with you.

• On the day of the surgery, you can take your blood pressure (blood pressure), heart, anti-reflux (stomach) medications, unless otherwise indicated by your physician. These drugs should be taken with a small amount of water at least two hours before the surgery, taking into account the preoperative fluid consumption time. Personal Belongings • Come to our hospital in comfortable clothes.

• Make sure that there is no foreign body in your hair.

• Do not use make up, come without nail polish. Remove all jewelry (including metal objects, jewelry, piercings and necklaces) from your body.

• If you are using lenses, remove your lenses before the operation, bring your lens box and solution with you.

• If you have dental prostheses; Before the operation, put it in the storage box and deliver it to your relative.

• Bring with you if you are using crutches, prosthesis, breathing apparatus, sleep apnea therapy devices.

• Do not forget to bring your identity card, health insurance card (if any) with you.

• We recommend that you leave your valuables at home. We recommend that you leave your valuables at home. If you prefer to bring them with you, deliver them to your relatives.


• Unless otherwise stated, come to our hospital 2 hours before the operation time.

• On the day of your discharge, it will help you to call a relative who will support you when you leave the hospital and take you home.

Hospitality Services

• Get information from the Patient Hospitalization and Discharge Department about the parking lot use.

• You can get information about the free wireless internet usage offered to you throughout our hospital from the desks. General information

• Patient visits are not accepted to our hospital after 22:00.

• Live flowers are not accepted in our hospital. Live flowers sent by your relatives on your behalf will be kept in the area designated by our hospital during your hospitalization.

• Food and drink should not be brought to our hospital from outside. After the surgery, it is very important for your health to follow the food menu determined by our physician and dietitian.

• The consumption of smoking and alcohol products is prohibited in our hospital.

• Camera and photography are prohibited in our hospital.

• It is forbidden to bring sharp, piercing and injurious tools to our hospital.

• For the privacy and safety of our patients, we kindly ask your relatives not to wait in front of the operating room while you are in surgery. Your relatives can wait in your room or in the waiting room.

• Only 1 person can accompany you during your stay. Other relatives should not be in the room outside of visiting hours.

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