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Every year, about two million women are diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide. In the USA, 527 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. In Turkey, breast cancer, affecting the lives of twenty thousand women each year is one of the female cancers. Breast cancer, which constitutes 25% of cancers seen in women and 12% of all cancers, now occurs frequently at the age of 30's. The disease, which was detected every 12-14 women in the past, is now encountered in one of eight women. Breast cancer is a treatable disease when it is detected at an early stage as in many cancer types. The purpose of treating breast cancer is to diagnose it when the cancer is a small mass within the breast before it spreads through blood and lymph. Treatment is completely possible in patients at this stage.

The stage of the disease determines the treatment method in breast cancer. In surgery, which is the primary and most important treatment of the disease, breast-protection methods now become prominent, in cases detected at an early stage, without breast loss, with advanced techniques, its spread can be detected in advance and precautions can be taken and direct intervention can be made to the tumor. Although it is possible to remove the breast with surgery in the advanced stage, breast reconstruction (a new breast) is performed with plastic surgery techniques. Considering the history of breast cancer treatment, modern surgical methods have been developed that aim to protect the individual's body integrity today. Patient satisfaction is maximized even in the most difficult tumors due to developments especially in plastic and reconstructive surgery, oncology and general surgery teams working together.

Memorial Breast Health and Disease Centers have world-class treatment opportunities for patients in the treatment of breast cancer as well as benign diseases of the breast. Patients diagnosed with breast cancer are evaluated by a council decision by many branches regarding a multidisciplinary perspective and approach, and the most appropriate and personalized treatment plan is prepared for the patient. In addition to the most advanced treatment options, the patient has the opportunity to receive social support.

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    The technological infrastructure of the Memorial Hospitals Group consists of systems equipped with advanced technology devices at international standards and specially designed for patient comfort. Thanks to the advanced technology used, it is aimed for patients to pass their diagnosis and treatment processes in a comfortable and safe way. Many of these technologies are used in our hospital for the first time in Turkey.

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