Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

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Interventional Radiology involves the diagnosis and treatment methods performed by entering the body through the ways of pinholes without creating a surgical incision. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the body in the entrance area and medications are administered to relieve the patient. In this way, patients can be comfortably treated without feeling any pain. These materials are designed and manufactured specifically for each process and purpose by using high-tech devices in the applied processes. With these methods, which are painless and very low in risk, the patients' quality of life is increased, the hospital stay is shortened and patients are discharged on the day of treatment or usually the next day.

Special procedures can be performed

In interventional radiology; biopsies can be obtained from many organs such as the liver, breast, lymph nodes, prostate, cysts and abscesses can be treated, blocked bile and urinary tracts can be cleared, dialysis catheters can be inserted and especially liver tumors can be treated by burning with special needles and drugs. Bubbles that cause brain hemorrhage, or vascular diseases leading to stroke can also treated interventionally without opening the skull.


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