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Memorial Healthcare Group which has an international reputation in Organ Transplantation offers service via Memorial Bone Marrow Transplantation Center in accordance with its vision of being a reference center in many branches in Turkey. The unit which aims to meet the needs for bone marrow transplantation of the patients who come from many other countries along with Istanbul and Turkey has all the facilities deriving from today’s technology.


Besides providing the international standards on bone marrow transplantation, the center offers all the services needed by the patients. Those who have blood disorders such as multiple myeloma (malignant bone marrow disease caused by plasma cells), lymphoma (hematological lymph node cancer), acute leukemia (cancer of the blood) and chronic leukemia, aplastic anemia can have bone marrow transplant in the center where the treatment processes are conducted within a multidisciplinary structure.

Bone Marrow Tranplantation

Stem cells are the cells which are responsible for producing blood in the human organism. The transplant of these cells which have profoundly special functions are generally called “bone marrow transplant” or “stem cell transplant”. Bone marrow transplant is called “autologous transplant” when it is performed in the patient by their own stem cells and is called “allogenic transplant” when it is performed by the cells taken from relatives or from unrelated donors who have tissue compatibility. The stem cell of the blood is transplanted in the bone marrow transplant.

In the past, stem cells used to be directly collected from bone marrow via special needles under operating room conditions. However, this method is rarely applied today. In the recent years, the stem cells are transferred from the bone marrow to the blood via a special medication and the cells are collected by a method called “apheresis”. This method requires no surgical intervention. Transplant of the bone marrow requires no surgical procedure, either. The marrow is transplanted in the patient via vascular access, the bone marrow cells find the bone marrow themselves via their biological features and start the blood production. The main challenge of the marrow transplant is to follow up the patient while the marrow acquires function in its new location. In this critical period, red and white blood cells and thrombocytes which are responsible for coagulation cannot be produced. Therefore, this is a period in which complications such as anemia, infection and hemorrhage may develop. It is crucial to prevent the marrow rejection or the diseases caused by the new marrow via the treatment of the undesirable situations such as infections and hemorrhage which may develop in this period.

The success in bone marrow transplant is achieved when a good technical infrastructure and good isolation from microbes, an interdisciplinary accord, cooperation and team experience collaborate and when the departments such as intensive care provide the necessary intervention in the organ transplant and in the accompanying complications.

Cases when stem cell transplant is needed;


  • Reproducing the severely damaged stem cells after intensive beam therapy and drug therapy (chemotherapy) which are used to eliminate malignant cells in our body in various diseases.
  • Initially and most frequently blood and lymph node diseases such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma initially and most frequently
  • Acute leukemias, chronic leukemias
  • Transferring healthy stem cells marrow on the ones that do not work properly or work poorly (Bone marrow failure, aplastic anemia, MDS with some form of bone marrow failure in the elderly, etc.).

A world-class center

Memorial Şişli Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Unit is created by targeting international JACIE criteria. The unit meets all the elements in the Turkish Republic Ministry of Health Stem Cell Transplantation Regulation, and It is the first bone marrow transplant center that has been audited and opened in accordance with the regulation on “Quality and Safety of Centers Regarding Human Tissue and Cells” which were published at the end of 2010. With the hepa filter system created to protect patients against infections, ISO 5 standard, which is the operating room conditions, has been provided in all rooms. The system is monitored for 24 hours with the central control system developed for Memorial Şişli Hospital, which is planned as an organ transplant hospital.

People-Oriented service approach

During the establishment of Memorial Şişli Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Center, the most important point was set out with the fact that it was “human”. From treatment methods (Chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant), to care services (Hygiene and catheter care); Every detail, from the application of psychological support to the patient and his family, to the social activities for the unit, was designed with the comfort of the patients in mind. Comfort planning factors such as adequate equipment and spaciousness were taken into account when planning patient rooms.

Bone marrow transplant is a teamwork

While establishing the center, the fact that the treatment approach in bone marrow transplantation concerns many disciplines was not ignored. Besides all branches of medicine; The infrastructure that will enable social support teams and expert psychologists to contribute to the treatment process has been created. All processes, including the treatment of patients and the transplantation of the bone marrow to the patient, are carried out in this unit. Basic treatment and care services of the patients are provided by a experienced team in bone marrow transplantation. Apart from the time patients spend in the unit,  follow-up before and after hospitalization is carried out by the physician and healthcare staff, as well as by the social and psychological support teams.

The success of the Bone Marrow Transplant Center means transplant success

Memorial Şişli Hospital Medical Director stated that the Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Center aims to be a world-class center and said that studies have been initiated together with our highly valued physicians, especially hematology expert. In our center, which is equipped with our high-tech devices, every detail has been designed with the comfort of our patients in mind. Bone marrow transplant patients are a very special group of patients and the quality of the center chosen for treatment directly affects the entire treatment process. With the opening of the bone marrow transplant center at Memorial, which is a reference center in the world for organ transplantation, a complete service has started to be provided in tissue and organ transplantation. ”

"Despite the huge efforts In recent years, the number of bone marrow transplant center in Turkey is still not enough"


Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Center Officer said although there is no lack of knowledge and experience on bone transplantation in Turkey, infrastructure deficiencies continue and added, “

"Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Center bone marrow will make an important contribution to the solution of the problem. Because in our country, the number of departments, hospitals and beds where patients with bone marrow transplantation will be hospitalized are limited. For example, the number of centers in Istanbul is 5-6. According to European Union criteria; 50 bone marrow transplants are required for every million population. If this number is taken into consideration, at least 3500 bone marrow transplants should be done in our country annually. However, in Turkey because of lack of bed, physicians and staff, the number of transplant  is about 1000. In other words, every year, around 2500 patients cannot have  this treatment and are left to their fate in a sense. The problem is not just a enough bed problem; The number of blood diseases specialists in our country is extremely insufficient. Turkey with excess of 80 million Population, hemetology experts is around 200. This number is more than 6,500 in the USA, more than 1000 in the UK and Germany, and about 50 in Ireland with a population of 4 million. So there is a need for at least  500 new hematolog in Turkey. The Ministry of Health has been taking important steps to solve this problem with rational decisions taken regarding bone marrow transplantation in recent years. Unfortunately, it is not possible for lack of hematology specialist to reach the desired level in the near future. However, it is pleasing that steps have been taken to resolve this issue. "

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