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Memorial Health Group, which is a pioneer in the health sector in Turkey, and paved the way for numerous innovations internatially provides medical services to patients from 192 countries. With "Memorial Pathology", that was launched in the last quarter of 2020, it aims to be the reference center in Turkey and in the world in this field also.

In "Memorial Multidisciplinary Councils" where patient-specific treatments are determined, pathology plays a very important role in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and all non-cancer diseases, and acts as a bridge between the clinic and the laboratory by providing consultation services to almost all branches in Memorial Hospitals.

Equipped Laboratory infrastructure

Memorial Pathology has been implemented in Istanbul with an 800 square meter "Central Laboratory", a second laboratory within the Memorial Antalya Hospital and an expert staff and technical infrastructure to provide "Intraoperative Consultation" service at all locations. The basic principle of Memorial Pathology, which will serve to whole Turkey from 5 provinces and 11 hospitals, to up to 65.000 patients, and which aims to increase this capacity every year, is to provide "Accurate, Timely, and Reliable Pathology Service" in line with the mission and vision of MSG and to be a pathology laboratory that can "Document its Quality in Every Field". It has the equipment that meets the requirements of the age with digital pathology and molecular pathology.

Strong team of doctors who are experts in their branches

Pathology has a wide range of interests as a result of serving almost all branches. Today, where the half-life of knowledge is expressed in days, there are "branching" / "sub-branch specialties" in pathology as in many branches. In addition to its laboratories equipped with advanced technology systems, Memorial Pathology provides services to 11 hospitals in 5 provinces within the Memorial Health Group, with its specialized academic and specialist physicians. It has also been constructed to provide services to Turkey and especially all the neighboring countries, with experts in the fields of medical staff.

Special studies on cancer genetics

In the light of scientific developments and especially "Whole Genome Mapping" studies, the "codes" of cancer are being solved more and more every day. These studies focused on the genetic makeup of the cancer cell. While pathology deals with cells, 'Molecular Pathology' is related to the genes and amino acid sequences of the cells. In this way, there are only markers that show cancer cells and more accurate targets are determined, especially for treatments. These molecular studies are the basis of the "Target-Oriented" treatment, which has become more and more important in recent years. Especially in some tumor types (some soft tissue and brain tumors), "Molecular Pathological" examinations may be required for both diagnosis and determination of prognosis (course of the disease).

Memorial Pathology carries out its studies by collaborating with the comprehensive genetic laboratory within the group. We cooperate with the genetic laboratory on molecular pathological studies for cancer patients, determination of targeted treatment options and cancer genetics.

Reference center in nearby regions with digital pathology

Memorial Pathology stands out with its infrastructure in the field of "digital pathology", which has turned into a global platform depending on the technological developments in today's artificial intelligence age. The data that can be accessed from every corner of the world and transferred to the virtual environment that can be viewed by a pathologist in any health institution can be transferred to the computer environment, evaluated with computer programs and enriched with artificial intelligence applications. Slides and pathology preparations examined under the microscope with digital pathology can be examined in more detail on large screens with HD image quality. In this way, it is ensured that its expert staff serve in all hospitals, and it has the chance to reach patients abroad, regardless of location. Digital Pathology strengthens Memorial Pathology by providing consultancy services from more equipped pathology laboratories abroad, when necessary, and providing service to regions with limited access to pathology service and specialized pathology staff.

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