Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

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Memorial Hospital Pediatric Surgery Unit; the goal of this department is to diagnose and treat children with surgical and urological problems. The main areas of interest are; non-cardiac thorax surgery, oncological surgery, digestive system surgery, pediatric endocrine surgery, pediatric gynecology, diagnostic and interventional endoscopic applications, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgical procedures, trauma surgery and pediatric surgery.

Pediatric Surgery deals with all surgical procedures related to infants from infancy to adolescence (0-14).Pediatric surgeons can assist you in the treatment and follow-up of newborn anomalies known or postpartum in children.

The working principle of the Pediatric Surgery team is to work in such a way, that it provides the treated child in the most comfortable and painless way in order to not harm the psychological development of the child.

Applications performed in our hospital

·         Esophageal atresia

·         Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

·         Chest Deformities

·         Acute Appendicitis

·         Invagination (intestinal obstruction)

·         Pyloric Stenosis (Stomach Outflow obstruction in Infants)

·         Umbilical Hernia

·         Inguinal hernia

·         Gastrostomy placement

·         Ileostomy

·         Hirschsprung's Disease

·         Necrotisating Enterocolitis

·         Omphalocele

·         Umbilical hernia

·         Anorectal Diseases

·         Rectal Abscess

·         Fistula-In-Ano (infection of the periphery of the rectum)

·         Anal Fissure

Female & Male Genital Diseases

·         Cryptorchidism/Undescended Testis

·         Testicular Torsion

·         Varicocele

·         Hydrocele

·         Circumcision

·         Ovarian cyst

·         Ovary Torsion

·         Imperforated Hymen

·         Labial adhesion

·         Inguinal Hernia

·         Hypospadias

·         Epispadias


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