Botox Is Applied For Aesthetic Appearance And Health

Botox Is Applied For Aesthetic Appearance And Health

Wrinkles that occur with age; causes old, nervous and tired appearance. This situation, caused by repetitive muscle movements, can be brought under control in the early period with applications such as botox. Botox used not only for wrinkles but also for jaw bone problems; It can also be applied in the treatment of problems such as clenching, excessive saliva and mouth saliva. Prof. Mustafa Asim Safak from Ear Nose Throat Diseases Department in Memorial Antalya Hospital gave information about the treatment of disorders in the head and neck area with botox.


Not only used for wrinkles

The easiest way to get rid of the lines that start to become apparent on the face while resting and which is a sign of aging is to temporarily weaken the contraction functions of the mimic muscles. Positive results can be obtained by applying botox in  suitable doses to carefully selected regions. Botox stands out as a successful treatment method not only for getting rid of facial lines but also for several diseases in many head and neck areas. Improvement in complaints of jaw joint disorders due to excessive clenching and mouth salivation due to excessive saliva production  or difficulty in swallowing is achieved with botox application.

Botox is also applied to problems in the jaw muscles.

The strongest muscle of the chewing muscle is the masseter muscles that extend to the corner of the lower jaw bone. Sometimes the masseter muscle symmetry between the two sides is disrupted as a result of chewing habit on one side due to missing or decayed tooth. Another problem is that the masseter muscles become thicker and more apparent over time because of clenching or grinding teeth during the night due to excessive stress. These cause dysfunction in the jaw joints unilaterally or bilaterally and creating complaints such as pain around the ear, tinnitus and pain radiating to the neck. In addition, thickened chin muscles either disrupt the face symmetry or make a square form that is not preferred on the face. Botox application is applied to the masseter muscles for the solution of these situations.

Excessive saliva production is prevented

There are three pairs of major salivary glands in the mouth. Two of them are located under the chin and under the tongue. In some diseases, if swallowing is painful or medically inconvenient, the amount of saliva in the mouth comes too much and can flow out of the corner of the mouth. Rare conditions causing an increase in direct saliva production can also be observed. In order to solve this, the saliva production of the subcutaneous salivary glands can be controlled with the application of botox and significant contributions can be made to the treatment of patients.

Lasts for up to 9 months

Botox applications is one of the approved treatment methods in the head and neck areas as well as eyelid contractions, strabismus, migraine, correction of asymmetries in facial paralysis. The effect of botox begins in 3-4 days, and its maximum effectiveness feels within 4th and 8th weeks. Although the total efficacy period of Botox is 4-6 months, the effect may be extended up to 9 months in muscle groups that do not work very actively and in repeated botox injections.

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15 November 2023

16 June 2020

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