Breast Aesthetics Reduces Neck And Back Pain

The large breast structure, which is the cause of chronic neck and back pain, can cause postural disorder and humpback, and make it harder for women to breathe. In addition, the size of the breast structure, which affects women with aesthetic concerns, can become a social and psychological problem over time. Breast reduction surgery, which is preferred for having an aesthetic appearance, also saves from many health problems that decrease the quality of life. Md. Mehmet Severcan from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department in Memorial Kayseri Hospital gave information about breast reduction surgeries.


Causes of back and neck pain

Size of the breast structure, gravity and mass effect cause back and neck pain in many women. Also, the urge to hide from social reservations leads to posture disorder known as humpback. In terms of life comfort, “reduction surgeries” are recommended for women with breast size problems. After breast reduction operations, if there is no other reason, back pain decreases significantly.

The only solution is surgical intervention

Surgery is the only method of removing the enlarged and sagging breast structure and providing an aesthetic appearance. Especially after weight loss by sports and diet, even if if it decreases the fat tissue in some breast, sagging may become an important problem. In overweight women, reduction and lifting operations are performed for sagging that occurs after diet and sports. The sports strengthened chest muscle does not have an aesthetic or lifting contribution to the breasts.

Lifting and shaping in the same operation

Breast reduction surgery, one of the most common operations in plastic surgery, involves many interventions. Removing excess skin, oil and tissue in the breast, lifting the sagging breast and aesthetically shaping processes are performed as a whole in a single session. Before the surgery in the planning, measurements are taken and the technique to be used is decided according to the anatomical structure of the person. In addition to reducing, lifting and shaping processes are also carried out in the same session.

Milk ducts are protected during the surgery

With the technique of breast-shaping surgery, milk ducts are protected as much as possible according to the age and fertility of the person, and the problem of distress in breastfeeding, which can be experienced 5-10% after such operations, is reduced as much as possible.  The stitch marks occoured in the surgery which lasts for an average of 2 hours, are also minimized thanks to the techniques applied by plastic surgery.

Self Confidence is Improving

Because of aesthetic concerns it is recommended to perform this surgery in women whose nipple is below the nipple line as a level. What is important here is the profit-loss balance that is different for each woman. The women takes into consideration the physical, psychological and aesthetic profit that she will gain from the surgery. It is concluded that after these surgeries, women's self-confidence increases and they cannot isolate themselves from the society. In breast reduction and shaping surgeries, due to the improved medical technologies and the quality of post-surgical care, complication risks have been significantly reduced. One week after the operation, the person can return to her daily life.

9 March 2021

16 June 2020

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