Frequently asked questions about about Egg Freezing Process

Frequently asked questions about about Egg Freezing Process

Many of us live in a rather busy and stressful rush and this affects the reproductive cells, the quality of eggs and sperm. Stressful life, busy work, malnutrition and GMO foods have negative effects on egg and sperm quality and cause serious problems during these years. Md. Aygul Demirol from department of IVF in Memorial ankara Hospital gave information about the factors affecting fertility potential.
It is very important for general health control and reproductive health of all women both married or single at the age of 30 and after to know general ovulation potential, ovarian reserve and fertility indices for general health control and reproductive health.


Getting Pregnant by freezing your eggs

With the latest legal regulations, the egg freezing process can be performed in cases whose age is old and the ovarian reserve has decreased. With this process, it is aimed not to lose the chance of becoming a mother due to the decrease or running out of the eggs in the following period. It is important to plan the process in the appropriate period and the eggs of that period are stimulated and to prepare for freezing in prosessional hands without using high-dose drugs, with patient-friendly protocols without any side effects. In egg freezing procedure, a low dose anesthesia is applied without feeling pain. Special applications for single patients can be applied in such a way that no problems occur. It is important to perform this procedure in reliable, big hospitals in order to prevent the patient from having any problems in the further process. In freezing technology, the goal is not only to freeze the egg, but also to obtain a healthy pregnancy at a high rate with the IVF technology after the eggs are thawed.

Genetic and environmental factors play a role

Genetic factors and environmental factors are also important in determining fertility potential and / or ovarian reserve. However, mainly the genetic structure has a serious importance in determining the ovarian reserve. Also, the ovarian reserve can be severely affected by living conditions, nutrition, stress, environmental toxic substances over time, but however, there are some genetic factors ,that whatever, is done cannot be treated. Such situations can only be understood when a woman applies IVF technologies, her eggs are collected, processed and analyzed in the laboratory step by step, but such problems are not seen in a very high percentage. When the genetic factor is mentioned, the chromosome analysis that is examined only from blood tests is not meant, and many environmental factors are effective in determining the quality of eggs and sperm. The quality of eggs and sperm cannot be understood only by looking at the chromosome analysis. In addition, hormonal imbalances and ovulation problems may cause menstrual irregularities. Such situations should also be evaluated in terms of fertility potential and ovarian reserve.


Balanced diet affects fertility positively

Many studies prove that Mediterranean and Aegean cuisines are the most correct diet and affect egg reserves positively. It is important to avoid pastries and fatty foods as possible as. In addition, foods containing trans fats have a negative effect on fertility, and there is a high rate of trans fats in fried foods. A protein-rich diet is important for fertility potential. organic fed meat is rich in vitamins and iron as well as protein, and green leafy vegetables, dark fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. In addition, excessive consumption of tea and coffee and carbonated drinks should be avoided as they have a negative effect on fertility. For a good egg reserve and fertility potential, eating healthy, minimizing stress factors, removing toxic substances, stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol are very important. In addition, Do not forget that genetics are very important for egg and sperm quality. Does not matter being single or married, with or without child, having regular checks ups are very important for healthy life and the future.

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10 August 2022

15 June 2020

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