Giving Hope Back to Cancer Patients

Cancer, one of the most common health problems in the world, can vary according to sex. In gynecologic cancers, success rates are increasing with early diagnosis and effective treatment. Reproductive protective treatments can also be applied for women with cancer who want to be a mother.


Take your precaution against the most common female cancers

Cancer cases, which have increased rapidly in recent years, are among the most common causes of death after heart disease in the world. The most common complaints in women are breast cancer, uterus, cervix, ovarian cancer, tubal uterine, vulva cancer and progeny cancer (vaginal cancer).


If cancer is caught early in women, the ability to reproduce can be maintained by removing only the cancerous region by hormonal or surgical treatment according to the patient's disease. After having children in some cases, surgical treatment can be completed if necessary. Reproductive protective surgeons and practices can be summarized as follows:


Cervical Cancer: Reproductive surgery in this disease is performed in the world over 20 years. The results obtained after treatment are positive in terms of pregnancy. In early stage cervical cancer, only the cancerous cervical region is removed and the uterus and vagina are combined.


Uterine cancer: 20 percent of patients with this type of cancer are 45, 5 percent below 40 years old. Hence, the number of patients who are diagnosed with cervical cancer and who are requesting children is quite high. If the disease is premature, ie the uterus has not spread out of the inner wall and the cell type is not bad, the patient can be conceived after medication and the cancer is regressed. In this case, approximately 70% of success is achieved with progesterone treatment.


Ovarian cancer: The protection of the uremia in the treatment of ovarian cancers is increasingly common in recent years. In germ-cell ovarian cancers and borderline-type ovarian cancers, especially at an early age, only cancerous tissues or cancerous ovaries are removed and the uterus and the opposite ovary are kept protected.Environmental factors are effective in increasing cancer rate


Today, many chemical products like cigarettes, Obesity, environmental and air pollution increases the structure of the inhibitory genes that prevent cancer and tumor formation in the human organism. Thus, cancer cells can easily develop. It is important that the negative factors are prevented before it is too late.


Developments giving hope

Despite the rapid increase in the number of cancer cases, the important steps taken in the field of health technology make it possible to diagnose cancer early. Also, medical knowledge and increased surgical experience make treatment more effective. Clinical and molecular studies on reproductive system cancers providing a better understanding of the cancer-causing factors which have clarified many unknowns in the last 10 years. Direct treatment of cancer cells, such as vaccinations and immunotherapy, also contribute to survival rates.



10 March 2021

10 February 2017

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