If You Have Risky Pregnancy…

If You Have Risky Pregnancy…

Risky pregnancies are an important problem that threatens the life of the mother and baby. Some pregnancies become risky during follow-up, and some start at the beginning due to the health problems of the mother before pregnancy. It is vital to follow risky pregnancies by experienced people in this field. Careful follow-up before and during pregnancy reduces the complications of birth, while giving the mother and her baby an opportunity to start a new beginning. Assoc. Prof. Kudret Erkenekli from department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Memorial Ankara Hospital talked about what should be known about risky pregnancies, their causes and follow-up.


Pregnancy is one of the most important periods of women's lives. In this period, which is regarded as a normal and natural process, there may be diseases that occur with mild symptoms, as well as diseases that develop without any symptoms and eventually threaten the life of the mother and baby. Such situations, where the mother and baby are likely to experience some health problems during pregnancy, are defined as risky pregnancy.

Follow-up of risky pregnancies should be done by specialists.

The underlying causes of risky pregnancies may be a pregnancy-specific condition or may be due to a mother's pre-existing disease getting mutation during pregnancy. Problems that may make a risk in pregnancy occur in approximately 6-8 percent of all pregnancies. On the other hand, the probability of the existing problem getting worse and causing serious danger is over 50 percent. For this reason, it is very important for the life of the mother and baby with a risky pregnancy to be followed up in a competent hands, full-fledged hospitals and give birth.

There are many reasons why pregnancy is risky!

The factors that cause pregnancy to be risky are divided into 4 different groups. These;

Reasons that cause risk at the beginning of pregnancy: Causes such as Pregnancy above 35 or under 17, being overweight or excessively slim, termination of previous pregnancies with stillbirth and anomaly, premature birth in previous pregnancies, pregnancy poisoning, multiple deliveries and cesarean deliveries, consanguineous marriage are among the risk factors.

Pre-pregnancy diseases of mother: Existing pre-pregnancy diseases of mother such as chronic hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, heart diseases, asthma, thyroid diseases, psychiatric diseases and bleeding-clotting disorders are life-threatening for the mother and the baby.

Problems that arise during pregnancy follow-up: These are problems that arise only during ongoing pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies, bleeding, water breaking, premature birth risk, miscarriage risk, cervical shortness, pregnancy poisoning (pre-eclampsia), drug use during pregnancy, radiation exposure, pregnancy sugar, down placenta are some of them.

Pregnancy problems due to baby: Anomalies seen in the fetus, risk determination in fetal screening tests, low or high water levels of the baby, and growth retarded are among the factors that cause risky pregnancy.

Get your general health checks before getting pregnant

In order to detect risky pregnancies, couples who want to have a baby first need to have general health checks before pregnancy occurs. Details of expectant mothers with previous miscarriage such as how many weeks the previous miscarriage and how happened should be evaluated by experts.
However, it should be checked whether there is a lesion in the breast before or at the beginning of pregnancy and smear test must be done.

Anything can happen at any time during pregnancy!

The case can change at any time in upgoing normal pregnancy. Therefore periodic 4-D ultrasonographic examinations and some follow-up analyzes should be performed for every expectant mother, whether in risk group or not. In some special cases, by taking water from the womb and examining it, surgical interventions can be made to the baby in the womb if necessary.

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