People With Thick Skin Can Also Have A Beautiful Nose

People With Thick Skin Can Also Have A Beautiful Nose

The nose is the most noticeable organ on the human face and that changes the expression. A beautiful and proportional nose is the dream of both men and women. The nose ranks first in the most popular plastic surgery operations in our country and in the world. Nasal aesthetics now means a natural nose. Having the ideal appearance and refreshing one's self-confidence draws attention among the advantages of nose aesthetics. Md. Ozan Luay Abbas from department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Memorial Ankara Hospital  gave information about what to know about nasal aesthetics.


Skin thickness is very important

The patient's skin thickness is one of the main determinants of the postoperative results. During the operation, the skin of the nose is removed in the appropriate plan and the cartilage and bones under it are shaped. After this process, the skin is expected to adapt to the newly created skeleton. Skin thickness become crucial in this adaptation process, skins in different thickness adapt to the skeleton at different times.

Thin skin adapts immediately

It is easier for the thin skins to adapt to the newly created skeleton, the thin skin shows the details of the skeleton below more clearly. The situation is slightly different in thick skins, this adaptation process is longer. At the same time, the thick skin can mask the sharp line and angulations underneath. Patients with thick skin have more edema after surgery and the healing process can take longer. For these reasons, many people avoid aesthetic nose surgery with the fear of not getting good results.

Doctor-patient relationship increases success

The most important point in obtaining results that will satisfy the patient is the discussion of the results to be optained with the plus and minus by contacting the patient with appropriate and realistic preoperations before the surgery. Many of these patients are actually aware of the situation and are in full agreement with the physician throughout the process, unless incorrect promises are made. It is possible to get impressive results with appropriate surgical planning and personalized surgical techniques. In patients with thick nasal skin, although a thin nose structure cannot be obtained, a natural nose suitable for the general facial structure can be revealed.

Personalised Techniques

Some methods are preferred for successful results in patients with thick nasal skin. These;

  • Closed Techniques
  • Skin thinning to protect muscle and connective tissue in appropriate patients
  • Fixing the skin to the lower skeleton with internal stiches to increase compatibility.
  • It is the removal of tissue from the base, especially in patients with prominent thickness on the wings.

Apart from these, the use of drugs with active ingredient 'Isotretinoin', which is a vitamin A derivative, is also a method. However, although these types of drugs theoretically cause thinning of the skin, they are rarely used for this purpose because of the possibility of side effects.

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26 August 2022

16 June 2020

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