Memorial Antalya Hospital
Memorial Antalya Hospital

Zafer Mah. Yıldırım Beyazıt Cad. No: 91, Kepez/Antalya
+90 549 639 3366

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Memorial Health Group is with you with quality health care services in accordance with international standards of excellence at Memorial Antalya Hospital, located in Turkey's Mediterranean Region.

Uluslararası saygın ve güçlü akademik kadrosu, alanında uzman doktorları, bilgi ve birikimlerini yakın ilgi ile birleştiren sağlık personeli, hasta odaklı hizmet standartları, mükemmel ve etkin hasta bakımı ile Memorial Antalya Hastanesi dünya standartlarında bir hastanedir.

Memorial’s Quality Health Care Services in the Mediterranean!

Memorial Antalya Hospital provides service with 114 patients and 28 intensive care beds, 5 operating theaters, Radiology Department with advanced technology, Intensive Care units with day and night perception, Coronary Angio Service, Interventional Radiology Unit, Chemotherapy and Art Center.

The hospital presents modern architectural design, patient rooms and living spaces with all the features expected from a 5-star hotel together with quality and comfort that will positively affect patient psychology.

Synergy among Memorial Hospitals

Memorial Antalya Hospital makes medical synergy with paperless and fileless hospital feature while sharing imaging and laboratory results of cases along with all its hospitals in Turkey.

Shortly after it was opened, Memorial Antalya Hospital received the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation certificate, which is the international quality standards in the World, , with an interval of 3 years in succession.

Contribution to Health Tourism

Dünya’nın 92 ülkesinden hasta kabul eden Memorial’in Akdeniz Bölgesi’ndeki temsilcisi olan Memorial Antalya Hastanesi, ülkemizde sağlık turizminin gelişmesine, mükemmelliyete uzanan hizmet anlayışı ile önemli katkı sağlamaktadır.

Memorial Antalya Hospital, which is the representative of the Memorial in the Mediterranean Region that is receiving patients from 167 countries of the world, makes an important contribution to the development of health tourism in our country with its understanding of service extending to excellence.

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Our Technologies

The technological infrastructure of the Memorial Hospitals Group consists of systems equipped with advanced technology devices at international standards and specially designed for patient comfort. Thanks to the advanced technology used, it is aimed for patients to pass their diagnosis and treatment processes in a comfortable and safe way. Many of these technologies are used in our hospital for the first time in Turkey.

Our Latest Technologies

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's check-up options in your hospital?
    Memorial Health Group, age, accompanied by periodic health checks to check-up consultants, gender, occupation and standard of living appropriate to your specific programs, we are determined together with our specialist doctors. Detailed information can be found here for our Check-Up option.
    Control examination of how much time?
    Turkish Medical Association and control being implemented in 10 days Ministry of Health's applications examination period is calculated as the first day, including services received.
    How can I report complaints about the hospital?
    opinion on the health care you receive, suggestions, and complaints can thank our Patient Rights unit in our hospital, contact your person, you can report the phone number 444 7888 by calling our Call Center.
    Additional information I / Does it shared the results?
    Personal data and personal information of the results of our patients Protection Act should not be shared with anyone other than themselves. You can reach your rights under the Law on Personal Data Protection and detailed information concerning the processing of your data here.
    Social Security Institution (SGK) negotiated with the departments that are available?
    Flat Memorial Hospital, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology We have an agreement with SSI section. You can find detailed information about Negotiated institutions here.
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