Memorial Dicle Hospital
Memorial Dicle Hospital

Urfa Yolu 3. Km No: 150, Kayapınar/Diyarbakır
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Memorial Dicle Hospital started to offer healthcare service in 2013 as the 8th hospital of the Memorial Health Group.

Following Memorial Diyarbakır Hospital, Memorial’s second hospital in the city, Memorial Dicle Hospital, has been designed not only to serve Diyarbakır, but also to the whole region with its academic staff composed of specialist physicians having expertise in their fields, modern diagnosis and treatment units, technological equipment, and its architecture suitable for patient comfort.

Memorial Dicle Hospital, established on a closed area of 21 thousand square meters, has a capacity of 135 beds.At hospital; There are 9 operating rooms, total of 78 intensive care beds including 50 newborn intensive care, 16 general intensive care, 5 cardiology and 7 cardiovascular surgery intensive care. Memorial Dicle Hospital has an advanced medical architecture with its out-patient areas, patient rooms, comfortable suite rooms and sections specially designed for the needs of disabled patients.

Special Center and Surgeries

Memorial Dicle is a hospital that brings together specialist surgeries and medical departments, especially in Diyarbakır and all of the Southeastern Anatolia Region under one roof. In operating rooms with advanced technological equipment; Oncological surgeries, hepatobiliary surgeries, gastric and colorectal diseases and cancers surgeries, head and neck cancers and cochlear implant surgery are performed, and treatments for all diseases caused by congenital anomalies in children are performed. Becaming a reference centre in Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology-Interventional Cardiology, special diagnoses and treatments also come to the fore in the Brain and Neuro Surgery, Gastroenterology and Endocrinology departments at Memorial Dicle Hospital. In IVF Center, advanced fertility techniques, genetic tests and personalized treatment planning are made, pregnancy processes are monitored in the gynecology and obstetric department with 4-dimensional ultrasound technology and special surgeries are performed for gynecologic cancers. In the pediatric orthopedics department, which provides the most comprehensive service in the region, the diagnosis and treatment of childhood orthopedic diseases are successfully performed. Interventional applications and laser procedures, laparoscopic surgeries and stone breaking treatments are performed in urology, and advanced diagnosis procedures are performed in Sleep and Hearing centers. In the Plastic Surgery and Beauty Center, hair transplantation, surgical and cosmetic procedures is also performed with. In the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, special rehabilitation treatments such as lymphedema are performed.

In radiology, imaging with devices that have technological features at international standards is performed, and special treatment plan and privileges in intensive care units equipped with strong infrastructure are provided.

Southern East’s Reference Center in Cardiology and KVC

Memorial Health Group has brought the Cardiology / Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery departments, which are among the reference centers, to Memorial Dicle Hospital and put into service to whole region. In Memorial Dicle Cardiology Department; especially in the diagnosis and treatment of adult cardiovascular diseases, interventional applications such as complex, high-risk vascular aterosklerosis procedures appling to full blocked vessels (CTO), treatments of heart rhythm disorders (EPS-Ablation), cardiac pacemaker applications, carotid (jugular vein) and vascular stenosis, aortic heart valve replacement, mitral heart valve stenosis treatment, and surgical closure of the heart holes and TAVI are performed. In the Cardiovascular Surgery Department; coronary bypass, heart valve repair and replacement, aortic and carotid surgeries, dissection and aneurysm surgeries, surgical treatment of vascular stenosis, varicose surgeries are performed with experienced staff and advanced technological infrastructure.

Central Location and Health insurance covering all specialities

Memorial Dicle Hospital, located on the road to Sanlıurfa, very close to the airport, hotel chains and bus terminal, is at a strategic spot, extremely easy to reach for patients from surrounding cities and from aboard, in terms of its central location.

Memorial Dicle Hospital is SSI contracted in all specialties. Additionally, insurance, bank, and institution agreements are also available for patients with private health insurance.

Medical Departments


Our Technologies

The technological infrastructure of the Memorial Hospitals Group consists of systems equipped with advanced technology devices at international standards and specially designed for patient comfort. Thanks to the advanced technology used, it is aimed for patients to pass their diagnosis and treatment processes in a comfortable and safe way. Many of these technologies are used in our hospital for the first time in Turkey.

Our Latest Technologies

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's check-up options in your hospital?
    Memorial Health Group, age, accompanied by periodic health checks to check-up consultants, gender, occupation and standard of living appropriate to your specific programs, we are determined together with our specialist doctors. Detailed information can be found here for our Check-Up option.
    Control examination of how much time?
    Turkish Medical Association and control being implemented in 10 days Ministry of Health's applications examination period is calculated as the first day, including services received.
    How can I report complaints about the hospital?
    opinion on the health care you receive, suggestions, and complaints can thank our Patient Rights unit in our hospital, contact your person, you can report the phone number 444 7888 by calling our Call Center.
    Additional information I / Does it shared the results?
    Personal data and personal information of the results of our patients Protection Act should not be shared with anyone other than themselves. You can reach your rights under the Law on Personal Data Protection and detailed information concerning the processing of your data here.
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