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Advanced Cancer Treatment

1.05.2020 00:39:31

45 years old, Bulgarian patient with the most common forms of advanced breast cancer, who were told that there was not any hope of living, increases her chance of living longer because of responding positively to treatment and completely cured of cancer.

While Galya Valkaçovska looked into her own breast for self-examination and noticed mammary tumors were located in the inguinal mammary glands, she decided to have consulted by Ob&Gyn doctors. After many medical tests and examination, she was diognised with stage 4 breast cancer and physicians told that there's no hope of recovery for stage 4 breast cancer.

But she didn’t give up because her 17 years old son’s faith would allow her to survive. Then she visited Assoc. Prof. Dr Mustafa Tukenmez in Memorial breast health center. The best option for her treatment was chemotherapy which is a powerful systemic cancer therapy where anti-cancer drugs medication and given at the same time as radiation therapy is used to kill cancerous cells. During chemotherapy treatment, Prof. Dr. Serkan Keskin, head of oncology department, helped her to the systemic treatment of breast cancer. Due to the intensive and quality care of cancer patient, Valkaçovska, with critical complications, her breast cancer tumor disappeared 6 months later.

After long and intensive care process, endoscopic mastectomy surgery (endoscopy assisted breast surgery) was performed through small axillary and periareolar incisions by Assoc. Prof. Dr Mustafa Tukenmez. The operation was completed with placement of the definitive silicone implants. The operation was successful. After breast resconstruction surgery, She moved to the recovery room, made her birthday in the hospital with staff and she told gracefully that that was my second chance of my life.

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