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Liver Transplantation Surgery saved a little girl life

1.05.2020 00:39:31

Journey to hope from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Istanbul!

13 years old Nejra Hukara, who lives in Bosnia-Herzegovina, went to the hospital with complaints of swelling in her hands and feet. Due to her autoimmune hepatitis disease, she had been staying in the hospital for 4 months. As time passes, it was recognised that her liver did not work well and she wouldn’t survive without a new one. Doctors called this liver failure and she was diagnosed with liver failure. The entire family was affected by Hukara's failing health. Hukara’s family were told that a liver transplant operation could be an option, but first, she would need to sent to Memorial Hospitals, Turkey, urgently. Because, there wasn’t better option for liver transplantation as Memorial Hospital Liver Transplantation Centers as in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

Professor of General Surgery, Dr. Kamil Yalcin Polat and his dedicated team performed liver transplantation surgery successfully, to Ms. Hukara whose living donation was her father. Her father saved her life by donating part of his liver, during a living donor liver surgery. The little girl soon, essentially, regained her health. Ms. Hukara, said that she decided to become a doctor because of being inspired by her own life saving story as tears gathered at the corners of her eyes.

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