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Memorial hospital took his signature to Istanbul

1.05.2020 00:39:30

Memorial hospital took his signature to Istanbul

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Receives Best Health Building Award

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital of Memorial Health Group's 11th largest hospital project received the award of Sign of the City, which is the most prestigious award of the real estate sector in Turkey. Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital was awarded the "Best Health Building-Ongoing Project" award in the category of "Best Service Constructivities" Sign of the City Awards. Thus, the design of the hospital has proven itself before it is opened to service.

In order to encourage the construction and real estate sector, the best projects of Turkey were awarded in 22 branches, and the Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital project, which was planned to be opened in 2017, came forward with its high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable vision.

Memorial Health Group CEO, Ugur Genç, stated that the Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital will be one of the biggest private hospitals in Turkey, "The preparations of our project are continuing at the fastest pace. To be awarded the first prize, it was a sign that we were on the right track. We are building a world hospital in the center of Istanbul and aiming to bring a new understanding of health. I congratulate Memorial Project Management team and everyone who has been a part of this project. Memorial Health Group, which provides services with 10 hospitals, 2 medical centers and 1 wellness center, will continue to invest in Istanbul. "

One of the most important examples of modern architecture

Emphasizing that the Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital was designed as one of the best examples of contemporary architecture, Uğur Genç said, "Our hospital rises to a complex with a total construction area of ​​71694 m2. The project includes 15 operating rooms, 133 outpatient clinics, 231 patient rooms, 49 intensive care units, and 31 consultation beds. It is planned to reach the capacity of 340 beds with the reserve areas for growth. Our project team, which was created with the participation of our managers from within the business together with the Project Management team, put all the knowledge and experience in the Memorial quality by keeping the comfort of the patients and their relatives in the forefront. During the design phase of the project, the experience of our doctors, nurses and healthcare technicians was utilized. Thus, a study that reflects Memorial's experience in the hospitality industry best was passed. "

Designed to exploit the positive energy of daylight.

Fulden Baran Toz, Memorial Project Management Group Manager, underlined the fact that the frontal design was designed to maximize daylight from the daylight due to the positive effect on patient psychology and that the energy efficiency was targeted by using a double façade system, "Memorial Bahçelievler In all the design of our hospital, Was taken into consideration. The spacious policlinic areas and rooms were designed to meet all the needs of the patients. Moving from the healing powers of art, the lobby was positioned with 800 square meters of exhibition and concert space. The Memorial Health Group, a world-class hospital with masjid, chapel and synagogue specially designed in the hospital, offers the opportunity to worship all patients with different beliefs and values. Our hospital was built in full with its technical infrastructure, hybrid operating room designs, laboratories with international accreditation," he said.

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