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Metastatic Renal Cell treatment entered medical literature!

1.05.2020 00:39:31

Memorial Hospitals' physicians and teams always emphasize that interdisciplinary oncology teamwork ensures better healthcare and Bringing together professionals from different disciplines can yield tremendous results for patients with cancer. This is recognized as a gold standard for the management of cancer patients.
Pregnant woman who had localized malignant renal tumor on her left side kidney approximately 15 cm., was performed kidney surgery. This kidney surgery entered the world medical literature.
When 25 years old pregnant Buket Atmaca learnt that she had a kidney cancerous tumor located her left side approximately 15 cm, felt deep anxiety and worried about the risk of experiencing a miscarriage . To give a healthy birth her baby, she should had been performed surgery to get rid of her tumor. But, on the other hand, many surgeons didn’t accept and refused to perform that surgery under these conditions. After all this process, Atmaca couple, visited to Urologist Prof Dr Oguz Acar at Memorial Hospitals. After had been following up of 27th week of pregnant patient by Professor Dr. Acar and the teams of Ob/Gyn, Radiology, NICU, she was performed kidney surgery to get rid of malignant renal tumor. Prof Dr Acar, explained that the personalized management of advanced kidney cancer surgery with minimal blood loss performed very successfully and he added that a personalized approach to the treatment of cancer necessitates an understanding of the variables influencing prognosis. After the recovery process, Patient expressed how grateful she was for Memorials experienced multidisciplinary approached doctors and medical staff.

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