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Robotic Assisted Surgery in Pediatric Urology

1.05.2020 00:39:31

The First Time both in Turkey and Europe!

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Department of Pediatric Urology Assoc. Dr. Selcuk Silay and his team performed robotic kidney  surgery with the da Vinci® system, FDA-approved robot platform for 2.5 months old baby. 

Robot assisted surgical system is minimally invasive surgery. Robotic surgery in pediatric urology supplies many advancements, including 3D visualization, elimination of surgeon tremor, wristed instruments, and improved surgeon ergonomics.
With the da Vinci® system, FDA-approved robot platform for urological surgery, to disease resolution, there has been a small focus on scar location and robotic trocar placement to minimize visible scars. The improvement of robotic instruments designed specifically for pediatric robot assisted surgery and small working spaces would be distinctly helpful.

Baby Miriam from Georgia, who had been performed robotic kidney surgery at the young age, had speedy recovery in 24 hours . Miriam, diagnosed with UPJ stenosis, was thought that she would lose her left renal function without surgery. After undergoing robotic surgery, Mirian was most happiest that while overall her recovery was not painful. This robotic surgery caused less pain and resulted in a faster recovery. And went back to her country. Assoc. Dr. Slaylay stated that robotic surgery can be performed safely in children. He said that patients had less pain, shorter hospital stay and there was no scar because the operation was performed through small holes.

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