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Stroke Brain Injury Therapy Success Story

1.05.2020 00:39:31

Treatment of Cerebrovascular disorders

Cerebrovascular disorders, which block blood flow in the brain, develops for a variety of reasons. Just as every person’s brain is unique, every brain injury is different. One common thread that every family facing brain injury learns is that recovery truly is a process. 

The fifth most common cause of death: Cerebrovascular disease

84 years old Mustafa Akbulut, who lives in Istanbul, went to emergency department with a complaint of weakness in his right arm and leg. Akbulut, had a hemorrhagic stroke, which was caused by a weakened vessel that ruptures and bleeds into the surrounding brain. Due to cerebrovascular disorder, which is the fifth most common cause of death, he became dependent on the bed. Prof. Engin Cakar, MD, Head of Physical Medicine, Therapy and Rehabilitation Department, and his interdisciplinary team of brain injury experts implemented a comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation program for Mustafa Akbulut at the Memorial’s Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center. After 1.5 months, he began to take his first step. Akbulut told that learning to walk again took lots of practice. I have a dream of walking again and serving my own fresh fruits to my grandchildren at my farmhouse. His Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist & Algologist & Electro-diagnostic Neurologist Prof Cakar, ‘’called it progress, that was iron rule. It won’t come easy, you have to work and work at it, but it will come. A strong will may keep you at your exercises and practice, but only newly strengthened muscles can provide the power to move yourself.

Stroke and Brain Injury Therapy Success Story!

Stroke and Brain Injury programs are uniquely designed to help each patient, who can range in age from infants to octogenarians, and can achieve the highest possible quality of life and independence. 

Memorial Hospitals’ Rehabilitation therapists are continuously trained in the latest advances in brain injury rehabilitation.

Our staff members pay close attention to the hospital environment and the way we communicate with each patient.

We strongly believe that our patients deserve high quality, compassionate care.

Our dedicated team of physicians, specialized therapists and social workers use a collaborative process to help each patient to reach individualized rehabilitation treatment goals. 

Stroke care at Memorial Hospital

In addition to the highest quality physician’s, therapists and nurses, we provide the latest technologies to better understand and treat brain trauma and support recovery.

Our expert care includes individualized therapy programs, mobility and equipment evaluations, psychological services, self-care retraining.

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