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The Success of Gastric cancer treatment in Turkey

1.05.2020 00:39:30

Stomach cancer is characterized by growth of cancerous cells within the lining of the stomach and sometimes called gastric cancer.According to American Institute for Cancer Research, Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer type worldwide. There were over 1 million new cases in 2018. Gastric adenocarcinoma is a major problem worldwide, with an estimated 900,000 individuals dying of this disease yearly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stomach cancer caused 783,000 deaths worldwide in 2018. In the US, gastric cancer occurs in approximately 22,000 patients and is estimated to result in approximately 10,570 deaths annually. A gastric cancer patient from Austria, with estimated 2 months life-time is getting better in Turkey.Emine Oztoprak, who has been struggling with problems of food digestion causing stomach ailments for 18 years, was diagnosed with  stage IV gastric cancer (GC) and was told in Austria that she had a 2-month life-time. She watched on youtube Prof. Dr. Erhun Eyuboglu’s presentation that impressed her a lot. Oztoprak decided to come to Memorial Hospital after searching for the treatment options in the internet.Upon her arrival a 4-pound cancerous gastric tumor was removed and HIPEC (with intra-abdominal hot chemotherapy) was performed to achieve the best result. Assoc. Prof. of General Surgery at Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital expressed his happiness; ‘’Our patient started to eat to get all daily nutrients normally and I am very happy to keep my promise that she would be able to drink tea after the surgery.’’

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