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World Registration to Memorial Immunology Laboratory

1.05.2020 00:39:30

Memorial Health Group which provided the Turkish Health Sector with Sense of Quality blazed a new trial.

Memorial which obtained the JCI Accreditation Certificate, which establishes the international standards on health, for the first time in Turkey became the first private hospital which is the holder of the EFI Accreditation Certificate with its Immunogenetic Laboratory under the management of Prof. Dr. Emel Demiralp.

With the EFI Accreditation which is an institution composed by the tissue typing laboratories in Europe within years and which covers more than 200 laboratories at the present moment, the results obtained from Memorial Immunology laboratory will be accepted all around the world.

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Emel Demiralp who is the Responsible Person of the Tissue Typing and Immunology Laboratory of Memorial Hospital gave information about the 'EFI' Accreditation Certificate which has the characteristic of the certificate demonstrating that Memorial is considered equivalent with the Immunogenetic Laboratories of the European countries on "Tissue Typing and Transplantation Immunology".

We are one of the limited laboratories of the Europe

We are the most essential part of the organ transplantation center as Memorial Tissue Typing and Immunology Laboratory. The results obtained from our laboratory allow our organ transplantation team to succeed at world's standards. The importance of the tests performed in the organ transplantation is enormous because we help people to revive by organ transplantation while they are between life and death. Memorial Immunology Laboratory is among the limited centers of Europe in the tests related to organ transplantation.

Our test results will be accepted at international level

The test results obtained from the Immunology Laboratory of Memorial Hospital will be the results which the centers and doctors in abroad will accept. There occur sample exchanges between the laboratories having EFI Accreditation. As we will bear the EFI Accreditation number on all of our reports, our results will be valid at all centers of the world.

Also the perspective of Europe will change

Memorial Organ Transplantation Center is composed of a team working in coordination with the other branches at our hospital and having achieved the success of the limited centers of the world. That our Tissue Typing and Immunology Laboratory has such a certificate will increase also their trust in us. Furthermore, being at this point in the medical world is also a circumstance that makes us proud. The European countries will evaluate the test results that we send in a reliable manner and we will be accepted in the entire world. We are certifying that very important deeds are being performed also in the sense of laboratory in Turkey.

It is necessary to have almost 100 criteria

For the EFI Accreditation Certificate, almost 100 criteria are required and you are required to have such criteria. Everything from the participation in the meetings and congresses related to tissue typing to the training of the employees, from the international notifications required to be published to the in-service meetings are interrogated. It is necessary to have entered into the quality control programs at least 1 year before applying for the accreditation certificate. The data related to all test results is collected and forwarded to the commissioners. Afterwards, when they decide to visit the laboratory, the process begins. According to their reports, you are entitled to obtain certificate.

This certificate is an indicator of the achievement

We already provide service above a specific quality. We will carry on our studies with the same quality as well. The EFI Accreditation Certificate has become an indicator of these achievements. We aim to increase the achievements of our organ transplantation team all around the world by carrying out much better studies and projects within the next process.

Only the university hospitals can obtain in the world

As Memorial, we have broken a new ground among the private hospitals. It is not a very accustomed situation to obtain such a certificate for the private hospitals in Europe. We, as a team having academic achievements as well, have gained a great prestige. This application that we made and the certificate that we obtained as a private hospital considerably fascinated the commissioners.

It will provide contribution to the health tourism

Our tissue typing laboratory is accredited from an international institution. Our Organ Transplantation team is already very valuable. However, our laboratory has EFI accreditation as well. Therefore, you can say to the patients "come to Memorial without thinking". Formerly, when the Turkish patients had the tests performed and went to abroad, the tests used to be had performed again. As our results are acceptable all around the world, it is not necessary to repeat the tests. This is an indicator of the success of having been recognized internationally.


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