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Our expert team that treated ten thousands of cardiac patients is now sharing its knowledge and experience with our patients in our heart attack center, which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology devices, angiography rooms, operating rooms and intensive care units.


Chest Pain Center

The chest pain center is in service 24/7; it is possible to perform procedures like heart angiography, coronary by pass surgery etc at any time. Thus, it would be possible to treat heart attacks before a myocardium infarct development.

Electrophysiology and Ablation Laboratory

To treat heart arrhythmias; the electrophysiology and ablation laboratory, which takes place within cardiology department,is in service with its expert team and state-of –the-art technology devices.

Pediatric and fetal cardiology center

Pediatric heart diseases are one of the areas Memorial Hospital specializes in. We have a Fetal Cardiology Center that enables us to diagnose heart diseases during pregnancy; and a Pediatric Cardiology and Cardio surgery Center where we can perform even the most complicated and risky heart surgeries on neonatal babies.

A New Treatment Method For Heart Diseases: EECP

EECP is a new technique to treat narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries; Memorial hospital now uses this technique. Since 1979, after by pass surgery and angioplasty, it is the first new treatment for coronary heart diseases. EECP (Enhanced External Counter- Pulsation) is a simple non invasive technique/treatment that has no side effects.

Who Is A Candidate For EECP?

EECP is a new treatment however it is not a substitute for by pass surgery or angioplasty. Although one may be a candidate if there is a narrowing and blockage on his/her coronary arteries, one does not qualify as a candidate for invasive procedures like bypass surgery or angioplasty. As a second option; if the patient has a history of previous by pass surgery, then a second one is suggested.

How Does EECP Work?

EECP uses compressed air to inflate three sets of cuffs that are wrapped around the patient’s calves, lower thighs and upper thighs while he/she lies on the treatment table. The cuffs are inflated and deflated in sequence once during each heartbeat to squeeze blood into the heart.

This method helps decreasing the patient’s chest pain while increasing his/her effort capacity by revitalizing the heart muscle that does not receive enough blood. These are permanent benefits and last for many years.

What Happens During EECP Treatment?

EECP is a non invasive outpatient therapy; it does not require any preliminary preparation. Patients lie down on a padded table; electrodes are applied to the skin of the chest and connected to an electrocardiograph machine (ECG). The ECG displays the heart rhythm during treatment. The cuffs inflate and deflate in accordance with the heart.

Treatment sessions are for one hour, five days a week, 35 treatment sessions are required. The patient might go back to his/her daily life right after the treatment.

What Makes One Ineligible For Eecp Treatment?

  • If  the patient had a by pass surgery or heart attack in the last 3 months
  • If  the patient  has clotting on his/her leg veins
  • If  the patient has non improving wounds on his/her legs
  • If  the patient has severe aortic deficiency

What Else Needs To Be Done During EECP Treatment?

Patients need to be closely watched by a cardiologist during EECP treatment and they have to continue taking their medication. It takes about 15 to 20 treatment sessions to feel the benefits of the treatment. Meanwhile, patients have to stick to other rules such as diet and exercise for a healthy heart.

Is EECP An Efficient Treatment?

The efficiency of the treatment has been proved by clinical studies in the USA. EECP has also a favorable effect on erectile function since it improves blood circulation to the erectile tissues. This treatment was approved by the FDA in 1995. Today, it is being used in more than 200 medical centers.

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