Chemotherapy (Medical Oncology)

Chemotherapy (Medical Oncology)

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In the world and Turkey, which is the second most important factor cardio-vascular disease after a life-threatening cancer, depending on the interest rate it is a major cause many health problems rising. Although it differs in every type of cancer, the risk of getting cancer throughout a person's life increases day by day.

Cancer; Along with the strategies developed for diagnosis and treatment, it is now among the controllable diseases. In particular, some types of cancer can be eliminated by eliminating risk factors, social awareness and awareness, and early screening methods.

Today, the last point in the treatment of cancer is the development of personalized treatment strategies. Thanks to these methods determined according to the characteristics of the tumor, the life span and quality of the patients increase. Cancer; Besides basic treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy; In addition to standard chemotherapies, a multidisciplinary understanding is accepted with smart drugs that target only tumor cells, radiotherapy methods with minimized side effects, featured surgeries, special applications in interventional radiology and nuclear medicine. A multidisciplinary approach is preferred with Memorial Chemotherapy Centers, besides classical treatments, personalized treatment programs, scientific approaches, specialist doctors, and the technological infrastructure used.

Chemotherapy, which is accepted as the gold standard in many types of cancer, still maintains its importance as one of the most important treatments of the disease. Chemotherapies applied with the understanding of stopping the growth and spread of cancer cells are now planned specifically for the patient and tumor cell. In the Memorial Chemotherapy centers, which use scientific and the most current treatments simultaneously with the world, smart drugs and antibody treatments targeting only cancerous tissues are successfully applied.

The correct choice of drugs is very important during chemotherapy, both for the success of the treatment and for the patient's exposure to minimum side effects. Drug treatment at Memorial Chemotherapy Centers is programmed by successful medical oncology specialists with international experience, taking into account the type of tumor, the patient's age, general condition and other disease factors.

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    The technological infrastructure of the Memorial Hospitals Group consists of systems equipped with advanced technology devices at international standards and specially designed for patient comfort. Thanks to the advanced technology used, it is aimed for patients to pass their diagnosis and treatment processes in a comfortable and safe way. Many of these technologies are used in our hospital for the first time in Turkey.

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