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The scientific innovations in today's medicine have also affected neurological sciences and today, neurology has sub specialties as well. Subspecialty units are present at well organized neurology departments. Various neurological diseases can be diagnosed and treated with the collaboration of neurologists from different subspecialties. Memorial Neurology department operates with this cooperation concept.

Neurology department deals with conditions like, cerebrovascular diseases, headache, epilepsy, peripheral nerve diseases, muscle diseases, multiple sclerosis and sleep disorders. Neurologists often consult patients of other medical branches upon request. The nervous system might also be affected by other diseases; in that case consultation of neurologist is required.

Developed laboratories contribute to modern medical implementations. Laboratory services are very important in diagnosing and treating neurological diseases. Our radiology department which has an important role in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases operates 24/7 and supports us with CT, MRI, Angiography and Invasive Neuroradiology applications.

Main Neurology Laboratories are:

EEG Laboratory: To diagnose various diseases, particularly epilepsy and consciousness disorders.

EMG and Stimulus Response Laboratory: To diagnose sleeping disorders, nerve and muscle diseases.


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