Perinatology (High Risk Pregnancy)

Perinatology (High Risk Pregnancy)

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Perinatology is by definition; risk assessment of patients before, during and after pregnancy, feto-
maternal ; that is, prenatal diagnosis of many fetus-mother-related diseases, making treatment-
follow-up plans and performing invasive interventions, if necessary , completing their treatments
during pregnancy, during and after pregnancy in risky or problematic pregnancies.
In the perinatology outpatient clinic;

  •  Combined screening test and early fetal anomaly screening at 11-14 weeks of gestation
  •  Ultrasonography for fetal anomaly screening at 15-23 weeks of gestation
  •  Evaluation of fetal growth and development at 28-32 weeks of gestation and
  • late fetal anomaly screening
  •  Diagnosis and management of structural fetal anomalies
  •  Diagnosis and management of infectious diseases
  •  Diagnosis and management of genetic diseases
  • Diagnostic interventional procedures (amniocentesis , cordocentesis , CVS)
  •  Erythrocyte Alloimmunization (Rh incompatibility), Diagnosis and treatment of fetal anemia
  • (Transfusion)
  •  Medical diseases of pregnancy (hypertensive diseases (HT, preeclampsia), diabetes, liver,
  • kidney and blood diseases, etc.)
  • Threat of miscarriage, cervical insufficiency, preterm labor,
  • premature rupture of membranes (rupture of the amniotic sac before delivery and the onset of
  • water)
  •  Diagnosis and management of fetal growth and development problems (Doppler USG)
  •  Management and follow-up of multiple pregnancies and problems
  •  Diagnosis and management of placenta previa (the baby's so-called placenta is in front of his
  • wife; that is, closing the birth canal) and invasion anomalies
  •  Diagnosis and management of problems (bleeding, etc.) during and after birth are carried
  • out.

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