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A lifesaving surgery, robotic cystectomy is simply a newer, more effective, minimally invasive surgical method for bladder cancer.

1.05.2020 00:39:31

A lifesaving surgery, robotic cystectomy is simply a newer, more effective, minimally invasive surgical method for bladder cancer. 

Close friends, 62-year-old Seyfi İnan and 59-year-old Nazmi Eren, who had been diagnosed with urinary bladder cancer 5 years ago, visited Memorial Ankara Hospital for primary care consultation. They expressed their thanks and appreciation to both of Memorial’s highly professional physicians with years of medical experience, medical team and hospital staff because of successful management of latest comprehensive treatment for bladder cancer, which is the fourth most common cancer in men and ninth most common cancer in women. The most common sign of bladder cancer is blood in urine (microscopic hematuria) that can be easily seen. Other symptoms include a burning feeling during urination like abdominal pain and changing in bladder habits such as having to urinate more often. Before performing robotic bladder surgery (daVinci robotic surgery), a series of CT scans would be ordered to exclude the possibility of metastatic or “distant” disease in other parts of the body.

Why Choose Robotic Cystectomy For Bladder Cancer Surgery?

Bladder cancer surgery becomes safer and more effective thanks to the technological advancements involving robotic surgery. Due to the innovative robotic surgery for bladder cancer, patients have many advantages such as shorter hospital stay, quicker return to normal activity level, reduced risk of blood loss and post-operative infections, and much less pain post-surgery.

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