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Prostate Cancer Treatment Through Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy

1.05.2020 00:39:31

72 years old patient visited Urologist with the complaints of prostate. He has been examined each year and has had a medical checkup. In the last annual physical examination, he was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer that was still localised to the prostate and didn’t spread. He started to research which options were the best for the management of localised prostate cancer, and learned that stage 1 prostate cancer was very treatable, has quicker recovery and better outcomes with da Vinci robotic prostatectomy. Then, he was performed Robotic Prostate Surgery that is also known as Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (RALP) in Memorial Hospitals Ankara. The da Vinci robotic prostate cancer surgery system is able to provide superior clinical prostate cancer treatment results, when compared to non-robotic, traditional and scope-assisted procedures. After prostate surgery, he regained his health, and told that he didn’t feel any pain.
The daVinci system’s sensitive electronics and surgical arms with one centimeter diameter allow the Urologist surgeons to make highly precise movements inside the incision during robotic prostate cancer surgery. This means that the malignant tissue can be removed with efficiency. This greater precision reduces the likelihood of relapse due to missed cancerous tissue. The precision of the da Vinci system also allows the surgeons to avoid damaging healthy prostate tissue, which improves clinical results, reduces scar tissue build up, and contributes to an overall shorter recovery period after robotic prostate surgery.
Doctors consider robotic prostatectomy as the best prostate cancer treatment option, because da Vinci’s robotic technology optimizes the chances of a quicker recovery time as opposed to traditional surgical prostatectomy.

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